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  1. Lamia Oakalee

    Lilac Lace Society

    Hello! I would like to join this linkshell please! I am Lamiah Oakalee on Balmung. Who can I contact? Crystal
  2. Lamia Oakalee

    The Piquant Pumpkin

    Ok! Will you be on tonight so I can get an invite??? Lamia
  3. Lamia Oakalee

    The Piquant Pumpkin

    Hi guys! I was removed and I am not sure why. I havent logged in a couple weeks but I had rl stuff I had to take care of. Can I come back in? Thanks! Lamia Oakalee
  4. Lamia Oakalee

    Shroudwolf Clan

    I applied. When should I hear something? Thank you
  5. Lamia Oakalee

    The Courtesan Coalition

    Id like to join this linkshell. Sounds fun! Lamia Oakalee is my character!
  6. Lamia Oakalee

    Hugs & Cake (OOC LS)

    Hi I would like to join but cant seem to find any officers when I am online.
  7. Lamia Oakalee

    Rendezvous of Stars

    Hello! I applied to your FC yesterday morning and have not heard anything back. When I try to go on your website to check my app the website isnt working. Thanks, Lamia
  8. Lamia Oakalee

    The Piquant Pumpkin

    Can someone invite me please??? This looks like so much fun!
  9. Lamia Oakalee

    inactive Nophica's Crown

    CHARACTER NAME: Lamia Oakalee OCCUPATION: Healer I WILL BE JOINING IN AN: (Pick one) IC capacity.