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  1. We are a super-duper-small Cross-World Linkshell for People Who Should Be Adulting, and are opening our Cross-World Linkshell to other people in that stage of life too. We're Gen Xers or older Millenials - if you're old enough to miss gaming all day/night but have WAY too many IRL responsibilities to do so anymore, come play with us, and bring your favorite mix tape!! We juggle kids, jobs, houses, responsibilities, etc but still like gaming when we can where we can. Ages 25+ irl. No politics, discrimination, or drama - gaming is our *escape* from all that, pleases respect that and keep it family friendly and fun. We don't host weekly/scheduled events atm, though you're welcome to host one! We'd be thrilled to make more friends and have More Game Stuff to Do, but my co-founder just started a new job and I have a 3 year old who always comes before gaming, so we haven't structured too many formal events for now until those things settle down more. For now, we keep most things ad hoc and when people are in the mood and have the time and energy to devote to it. We know that's a LOT different from how most organized groups operate, but it's what fits into our lives right now and we're hoping there are Others Like Us out there. Surely we're not the only ones who love playing but have other time commitments and responsibilities too, right? Right! All of us come from a long RP background (longer than I expect many players are old), and we're always happy to roleplay or goof off. We can do serious, but our style tends to be a little more pulp than dark - think of the atmosphere of shows like Firefly, the Mummy, or Farscape - sometimes serious, sometimes silly, but generally meaning well. We're big damn heroes, yo - the world is too ugly right now for us to want to RP or hang out with bad guys, too. We have a FC house for RP events, otherwise are around many evenings bopping our way through Mooglestones, casual content, leveling, and chit-chatting. There is a Discord, but since it's fairly new to a lot of us we tend to be quiet and low volume (also hard to Discord chat all day while juggling kids and jobs, yaknow...) Thanks for reading, and party on Garth!
  2. We'll let the officers know - I think if you look at the website, you can get a list there as well. Good luck!
  3. Glad I got to make it to the event - I didn't get to meet many people unfortunately (still somewhat new, and so much text scrolling by!) But everyone seemed very cool and the event really did a fantastic job of capturing exactly what it needed to.
  4. You had me at Tremere! I'm only looking for RP linkshells atm (just joined an RP FC), but this definitely sounds right up Norah's alley if linkshell membership is an option. Shinorah Nightsbane is my character - please let me know if there is a good way to meet people ICly and learn more about the group. Thank you!
  5. Will do! I've had family out last week so was not on much, but looking forward to joining the group. Thanks!
  6. I wanted to ask since Free Company was listed as dualistic - do you have a LS for else-affiliated persons? (Myself and a couple friends are avid adventuring RPers, but we have our own little vanity FC set up that I don't want to leave if possible.) Thanks!
  7. Thank you - I know that's what I had found out when I spoke with someone the other day, prior to posting here. Please just keep me posted when a spot opens up! (On an aside I have irl company coming out to stay starting July 21, so I will likely not be around as often during that time. I can be if I know a time and place though!) On an aside - it looks like there's a typo in my name on the waiting list (hinorah instead of Shinorah), not sure if it needs fixing or not.
  8. Hello there! OOCly I'm a fairly new arrival to FFXIV, though an old hand at both Final Fantasy games as well as online RPing. (I've been doing so since 1991 in some format or another.) Had been hoping to join the linkshell to meet folks and develop RP connections, especially since I will not be able to do so via a guild. 3 other friends from my long-time WoW guild and I set up a small little vanity guild for we ladies, and I don't want to leave them! So fingers very much crossed to find some good RP linkshell connections. I would very much love the opportunity to join you all and develop any and all RP opportunities I can! Shinorah Nightsbane in game, a steadfast researcher, scholar, and cartographer with impeccable penmanship and quite peccable fashion sense. I hope to speak with folks soon! Thank you to those who spoke with me in game, and I hope there's a spot for a wayward adventurer and well-meaning scholar in the near future.
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