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  1. It's all about timing... 8-) Nymh and Archim
  2. Aww! Well I heard working in the US is generally a nightmare
  3. I work Here Been here 5 years, will leave soon to move to another Country. And yes, it's been a pretty damn awesome experience ^.^
  4. I am filling up an application, it is taking some time but it's exceptionally funny and interesting
  5. I have honestly no idea because as I said, I'm new to rp on this game, so I don't know what to expect... but I would like to find a FC which also does a bit of content, so that we could also do some dungeon/raids together. That's all I know as for the server transfer, I was able to make it finally! So am officially on Balmung now
  6. Mielikki

    Hello <3

    :moogle: Greetings friends, I just registered to this forum while waiting for the maintenance to be done, and I'd like to present myself. --MMORPG background I play regularly WoW (don't kill me!). I've been playing a lot of Tera Rising, the Secret World, ESO and Guild Wars 2. Tried also some Rift, Aura Kingdom and some others --RP experience I used to RP massively ages ago in an Italian crappy play-by-post rp game called "Extremelot" (Yes I'm Italian), I never got to do rp after that as my friends were not interested and I did some bad choice with the servers I joined. --
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