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    inactive Aethertide Ventures «TIDE»

    TESTIMONIAL: When I came to Balmung, back in January or February... I was on the verge of unsubscribing. My home FC had dwindled away to only a few people, mostly running end-game HW content I wasn't high enough ilvl for. I was tired of running content and missing rp after a long time away, and unsure what kind of scene I'd find. I found Aethertide on my first week in, and now it's November and I couldn't imagine leaving. The community is friendly, the officers are responsive and attentive, there's RP going on at ALL hours, I've had the chance to develop my characters so much more than I could've dreamed... and I can only look forward to many more happy months with everyone. ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆ My character has been stabbed and shot so much I've never had more fun in an MMO
  2. Miss Bride

    balmung Who wants to be a Gil-lionaire?

    Defiant Bride will happily send in her application... she adores social gatherings~
  3. Miss Bride

    balmung Wayfarer's Gift Giveaway: February

    This sounds really neat, and the mention of an event sounds neat too :3c Bluebird! Lesser Panda Wind-up Ifrit~
  4. Miss Bride

    balmung Naive Wannabe-Knight Seeking Companions!

    Thanks so much for both of these replies! My character is based out of Ul'dah for most of the same reasons you mentioned... I'd love to check out the linkshell sometime? I think I might wait until Defiant's a proper paladin instead of being a scrub-tier Gladiator, tho... And Aulsoix sounds like they could be a LOT of fun to meet up with! :3c I'm usually in Thanalan these days, so I'd love to see you there!
  5. I'm gonna have a lot of free time in the forseeable future, so I see no reasons why not to start actively seeking out rp partners! My active rp character at the moment is Defiant Bride, and I think that between her personality and goals, there's a lot of interesting interactions she could have with other people. She's naive and strongly believes in other people, even when they give her reason to doubt... she always follows orders and dreams of becoming an unrealistically benign knight one day. I think there's a lot of room for people to take advantage of and use her, and I'd kind of adore if someone with far more ambitious goals wanted to manipulate her for their benefit?? She still knows little about the world at large, and that means a lot of ignorance you could use. I'd also be happy to meet characters willing to set her straight and try to rid her of her rose-tinted glasses, whether through benign means or beating her into understanding the cruelty of the world :3c ....and then of course, all kinds of friends and companions who might want someone watching over them with the attentiveness of a sworn knight??? Look, what I'm saying is PM me here or hit me up on Balmung and let's talk! I'm all about just meeting up with new people, getting to know each other, and sparking spontaneous rp to see what catches! Don't be afraid! (I also rp Regal Bride on Jenova but if u hit me up there I'm gonna make a lotta jokes about going into Old Man Leviathan's backyard to steal his horses and the like I'm not v serious)
  6. Miss Bride

    balmung Defiant Bride

    This is mostly for my own knowledge, but rn I need to: Get Defiant to 30 at LEAST jeez Put together a ilvl180 gearset for Regal?? And then glamour that shit Work on both Bride's crafting and gathering classes Make New Friends
  7. Miss Bride

    balmung Defiant Bride

    I. Basic Info Characters: Defiant Bride, Regal Bride (Jenova) Primary character: Defiant Bride Linkshells: Aethertide Ventures Primary RP linkshell: Aethertide Ventures II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): I prefer mostly medium, I think... I'm not adverse to either light or heavy, but I like being able to both plot fun things while being free to run around and do game stuff too? Views on RP combat and injuries: LOVE IT??? I love... love it. I'm totally free to injury or serious damage to my characters, though if we're new to rping together I might want some kinda warning first. But seriously there is not a hard upper limit~ Views on IC romance: I'm a huge sucker for romance stories, and though I like them best when they develop organically I'm not entirely ruling out just going for it. Frankly, I like the bit of mayhem that a sort of 'blind date' rp can have! I'm pretty into rping more adult stuff, but you gotta ask nicely, first! Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): I'm definitely interested in all kinds of friends, companions, rivalries, etc... but family wise I'm kinda picky? It'd depend on a lot of things. Views on lore: I try, man... I try but I just don't know much about the lore. I'm definitely open to being told about details but in general I'm fine with anyone's headcanons or whatever? Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I try my best to use quotation marks for /say and /em so that people can easily distinguish my dialogue, but I tend to be a bit forgetful... in general I like to use fc/party chat for ooc commenting and chatter?? III. Other Info Country: USA, East Coast Timezone: EST Contact info: Hit me up here or send me a message on tumblr. [align=center]~MORE BRIDE ACTION BELOW~[/align]
  8. Miss Bride

    A Wild Player Appeared!!

    Fight Magic Item Flee Hello! It's very nice to meet everyone! My name is J, and I prefer to go by they/them rather than he or she! I'm a pretty longtime rper... going back, I did a lot of stuff with One Piece and Bleach, then hopped ship to Homestuck... then hopped again over to Dangan Ronpa before ending up here. Needless to say, I've seen a lot though the years but my love of rping hasn't diminished in the slightest, and I'm very happy to be getting into FFXIV roleplay! I hope to be able to have a real fun time here!