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  1. Must not be out for the iPhones yet. I've been checking back periodically but no dice as of yet.
  2. Where can you get the security app? Is it available for the iPhone?
  3. Ha! Yeah you totally do look like the girl from Pitch Perfect. That's awesome.
  4. Obligatory Moogle, Swann. :moogle:
  5. Man Midlander Hyur reeeeeeeeeeeeeally get the short end of the stick as far as racial advantages lol. But that's understandable. I like what Freelance had to say on the subject, though. Even though the abilities are lore-supported, a character doesn't have to give consent to let your character hear and smell everything that they're doing. It can make it interesting if they're cool with it, especially if they mutter something relative to the story or plot. Conversely it also adds an interesting social question: Since it's common knowledge that these races have these heightened senses...would people be less prone to mumbling things that they wanted to be kept private? Whether you were sitting next to an Elezen or not, there's probably one in the room and they can probably hear what you're saying. I would think that people would be more cautious about stuff like that. In our society, where hearing has a baseline across ethnicities, we don't really have to think twice about it. But in Eorzea, lots of folks have that super hearing. Mumbling and saying stuff under your breath might not even be very common place.
  6. There are a lot of orchestra instrument players on here lol. You guys should form a group and do FF covers. It's been a few years since I've picked up an instrument in earnest, but I used to play practically any stage-instrument sans drums. Back when I was living in Arkansas, outside of being in some bands of my own I'd fill in for a lot of the local screamo/post hardcore/metalcore bands in the area when they lost a guitarist or bassist or synthist. I ended up selling all of my instruments before I moved out to Arizona, though, so I've been a musician without any music to play for a while. And though it's not an instrument per se, I used to double as a scream vocalist during my show playing days.
  7. Are you tired? 'Cause you've been runnin' through my mind all day ;D
  8. Jidan Skyborn is, without equivocation, my favourite RP character that I've ever come into to date. He's a quirky, high functioning sociopathic, eccentric savant while still managing to be suave and charismatic. And he's a thief, con artist and pirate. I first started him in Guild Wars 2 but I feel like he fits infinitely better in a Final Fantasy world. Really looking forward to when Musketeer and Corsair come out so I can put him in a fitting class/job role
  9. Skyborn

    How Tall?

    Yeah even with that calculator, a 100 on a male Hyur Midlander puts them at roughly 6'1''. Hopefully folks can suspend their disbelief and accept characters that are ICly taller/bigger than the sliders allow for.
  10. Skyborn

    How Tall?

    The problem I have with the height slider is not too dissimilar to my problem with their not being a muscle size slider. It's really hard to give your character distinctive size. I'm going with 100, but I don't think it accurately makes my Hyur look 6'4'', and even with his muscle definition maxed out he doesn't look that athletically built.
  11. I dunno what it is about getting older, but I swear I don't take nearly as many selfies as I used to before. Or pictures at all for that matter. What a twist! This one was taken by AZ Outlaw Photography at Phoenix Comicon this passed May. I think my eyes were closed.
  12. Ryanti, I agree on every point. Superman is usually the first person anyone thinks of when you mention the term 'superhero'. His powers are admittedly over the top, but they're there to help paint the picture. Superman is more than human. He's something to strive to be. He's good, he's kind, he's selfless, he's a protector...things that, back in the day when he was made, was something that inspired awe in folks. And in today's day and age gives us something to look up to. A symbol of what we could do and be if we just tried. I'm not talking about the super powers (though that would be killer. Do a good deed, get super speed), but what he accomplishes. It's a big metaphor. It's hard to relate to a God among men, but you can look up to one. Uther has it right, though, Superman Earth 1 makes him more of a relatable, Human feeling character. (I personally love Earth 1. Makes Superman more of a believable Hero. Not 6'5'' and massively bulky despite being an awkward nerd in glasses. He's like...5'10" and could arguably hide his muscle tone under the cardigan and button down he wears) I like Superman (and Captain America) because he is that traditional Superhero. Doing good. Righting wrongs. Standing for positive morals. It's something that gets lost in comics these days when it's popular to make things racier and edgier. Er...I mean...kupo!
  13. I'm awful with the spoiler tags on this site ><; Here's my fuzzy kiddos, though. Shadow Shadow hangin' out (I'm not the lady) Lukas, checkin' it out
  14. @Faceman7381 Can I dance log Mog? I TAUGHt Mog how to dance, kupo. @Xenedra. They are fantaaaaaaaaastic. Republic of Thieves looks like it'll be a great follow up, kupo. Plus The Bastards and the Knives omnibus coming out right after! @Tyonis. Well gosh golly, way to make a Moogle feel welcomed, kupo!
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