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  1. Bump! We are steadily growing!
  2. [align=center]"Opening in Mist – a cozy tea house that also serves alcohol and simple, yet tasteful food. Catering to those who seek entertainment, companionship, and a desire to appreciate the female or male form as art. With humble pricing and a friendly staff, come out and enjoy some drinks served by our lovely Hosts and Hostesses, and relax while they dance, converse, and perform. If you don’t wish for a private table or room, visit our bar, and partake of the expertly mixed drinks by our dashing bartender.”[/align] Seen below the advert; a crude drawing of some flowers and a tea cup. [align=center]“We make all of our own tea! Still looking for pretty people to dance!”[/align] Staff so far; Rose, bartender, chef, one Hostess/dancer, and an excellent do-all Elezen. I still need dancers and performers! Poor little Rose cannot handle dancing and serving tea to all the tables herself. Message me here or in-game!
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