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  1. Ha. I was like "why do I have an alert?" The downside to the MSQ is I've already played through to 50 on another server back when I was playing FF14. I already had my character here made, just never played because my non-rp friends and I were playing. It would've been too much money for the transfer + name change to make it worth it. Sooo, yeah. I'm slowly doing the MSQ when I want, but I've found myself some neat people and I've been enjoying the RP I've stumbled into. So, leveling has taken an even less prority. All the RPs will be had! Thanks again for the welcome!
  2. Mmm cookies. I'm new myself and like Karu said, the RPC is incredibly welcoming. Hope you thank your peers for pressuring you.
  3. Thanks! Yes, some of the translations in WotL were hard to get over thanks to nostalgia, but for the most part it actually made it even more enjoyable. The downside was the laaaag on spell casts. But I still played it over and over. ..side note, I can't believe it's almost been 10 years since the War of the Lion remake.
  4. Wait, I can level up using that? From how I read it I thought it was like a separate mini-game like system. ..if it can level me I might just go do that. Luckily without being a cleric I don't have to pick just one. Edit: As an after thought: How do people make the definitions between the "RP Style"? Like, what's the difference between medium and heavy? Is there some sort of guideline I'm missing?
  5. Thanks for the tips and greetings folks! Really do appreciate it. Is there a place I can go to look at all the gear appearances in the game? Or do I just have to hope everything is on the market board and try it on? ..also, is there a way to try on multiple items at once? I found the button to show my current gear, but that doesn't help when I'm trying to play dress up. ..it's hard to commit to something when I don't know my options. Ew, Sharran?
  6. Hey folks, been lurking around and prowling the forums for the past bit and I've decided to finally make this post. I had planned on giving the RPC here a try a few years back, so luckily I've had a character waiting on Balmung for a long while and I get to avoid transfer fees. I'm in the process of leveling up/re-learning the game since I last played about a week after the Golden Saucer came out. I'm also trying to figure out exactly what type of character I want to play, so I've been trying to look up Keeper lore and I've found a bit.. I might just make a former member of Pawah's gang (Side note: I'm still trying to figure out.. was she a member of the Coeurlclaw? The mobs that were with her were named such. I've searched for answers and come up with next to nothing.) Anyway, I'm definitely new to MMO RPing, but I've been playing tabletop RPGs for years, to go along with my lengthy time RPing on Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2. So I'd like to think I'm at least acceptable. How much importance do people generally place on class/levels? Should I grind for gil so I can buy up the appearance items I want? I'm a bad and I don't know how to glamour system (I think I need to hit 50 first anyway for that?) That's about all I can think of for the moment, thanks in advance for any help! Oh, also Rhela Moshroca is my character, feel free to say hi whenever I'm online.
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