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  1. Hello, friends! Long time lurker, but I am coming out of lurkerdom to let you know I am conducting a survey aimed at the FFXIV Crystal RP community with regards to attitudes and opinions about events and attendance habits. The goal of this survey is to collect data to then share publicly to help content-creators better understand the needs and wants of the community. This will remain open through the end of January 2020. All responses are submitted anonymously, so I encourage you to be honest in your assessments. When these results are published later (likely early 2020), any personally-identifying information will be scrubbed wherever possible. Note that there is an optional NSFW section that you can opt into later on in the survey. Thanks so much to everyone who participates or shares! If you have any questions or comments about the survey, please feel free to DM me on Discord at Strigiforme#3953. (Note, please don't message to ask how you should answer specific survey questions, as this defeats the point ) >> THE LINK: https://forms.gle/bEJ642GjtJ7Z3PPH8 <<
  2. I'd also like to echo the idea expressed here that you should probably not gravitate toward a character that is shy or otherwise antisocial. It may not be what you want to hear or be inconvenient to things you may have already built up, but I think it can be added unnecessary difficulty, as well as an unwitting crutch. That doesn't mean you have to throw away everything you've built up, but you do have to prime yourself for success and minimize easy escape routes so there's less temptation to recede when things inevitably get tough. Set yourself small, frequent, attainable goals. "Approach a stranger," "roleplay for a half an hour straight," etc. Small steps that you can succeed at are key. Some effort is better than 0 effort. If you can't roleplay for 30 minutes straight, start with 10. If you can't do 10, start with 5. Just make sure you can realistically succeed and build on it. Make a prominent note of your successes so you don't just stack your mental deck with perceived failures. The brain is predisposed to confirmation bias, so you have to consciously work to counter it. More than anything, you're definitely not alone in this. RPers with anxiety seem to be the rule rather than the exception (at least in my encounters), so what you're feeling is not some freak occurrence or a massive personal defect. You can get a handle on this.
  3. A lot of het men have turned to playing lesbians or futa. That's it, that's where a lot of them have gone.
  4. Welcome! I'm also on Mateus, so if you're looking for random RP connections or just a friendly face, feel free to message me. I'm on Discord under Strigiforme#3953 and in-game under Valerise Castille or Liana Alesius.
  5. Hey there! Mateus is a pretty lively little place for RP, so I think you'll be pretty happy there. I transferred here from Balmung a little while ago and I've been finding a lot of really welcoming people. If you're interested, the Discord for Mateus RPers is here: LINK And feel free to say hey or RP if you see me around! I'm under Valerise Castille or Liana Alesius.
  6. [align=center][/align] [align=center]THE AUREATE WARD [/align] [align=center]Private military company, trade, and investment[/align] Leaders: Liana Alesius, Luther Aldric FC House: The Mists, Ward 10, Plot 2 (Large) Discord: Here Medium/Heavy RP, 18+ only The Aureate Ward is a private military and trade company that projects force and negotiation alike to protect its interests and allies. We seek to acquire all manner of precious (and occasionally dangerous) treasures, protect trade routes, guard allies, and enforce contracts. We are in special need of skilled fighters who are willing to lend their strength to our cause and fill their purse in the process. The Ward offers you a second chance. For those who are down on their luck and in need of employment, The Aureate Ward's recruitment and inclusion does not discriminate based on your status as a refugee, outcast, outlaw or otherwise. Not a soldier? We employ non-combat personnel as well! Medics, traders, artisans, entrepreneurs, entertainers, servers, dancers, poets, etc. all have a place in our ranks. Skill is our trade, where ever yours lie. Interested? We welcome you to join our Discord to ask questions and meet the crew if you'd like. You're also welcome to message me here at the RPC, on Discord at Strigiforme#3953, or in-game under Liana Alesius or Luther Aldric
  7. Accepting all sorts of oddities, trinkets, baubles, artifacts, art, and other tidbits. If you're discreet enough, odds are good she won't even ask where you got it from... Please contact me here, through Discord at Strigiforme#3953, or in-game under Liana Alesius / Valerise Castille / Carisa Chalahko if you'd like to set up a meeting! I'm available most days of the week after 6PM CST and all day on the weekends.
  8. [align=center]https://68.media.tumblr.com/f5e380d7daf04b43e5d619d3e5e17af2/tumblr_oiieoqFKmB1v71s2po1_540.jpg[/img][/align] [align=center]LIANA ALESIUS[/align] [align=center] tumblr - the argentate[/align] It’s hard to believe a woman with a lifelong sickness could make it look so terribly glamorous, but the gilded, cane-wielding Liana is never caught underdressed or without a smile. She is well-mannered to all who cross her path, the vision of graciousness and docility, but the enterprising young woman has her sights set on ambitions just out of view. She takes pride in her role as caretaker of a private militia known as the Aureate Ward, tending to the domestic side of a bloody trade. RP Hooks: The proprietress of the Argentate is frequently looking to hire and contract anyone from servers to entertainers. She is an appraiser of historical and luxury goods and will be happy to speak with adventurers of any walk of life who may have something to sell. She’s got an especially open ear for juicy gossip and the latest goings-on around the realm.
  9. I entirely agree with the additional issues you listed as being valid problems the server faces. I'm surprised that you describe other people's issues and reactions so derisively because in fact, the things that you listed are actually very directly related to people's experiences feeling isolated, unable to integrate, etc. Large events and little variety of concepts make it very difficult to meet people whose RP fits with yours, thus leading to feelings of invisibility. Hopefully you consider that you might have more in common than you realize.
  10. I've been around Balmung for several years now across many characters, in many capacities, across many guilds - including ones I've run, myself. Please don't do this.
  11. Unlurking just to say I wish I could lovingly embroider Graeham's post and hang it over my fireplace, as it pretty much sums up my feelings perfectly. I understand getting defensive of a place you love when people are saying they don't find it quite as nice, but if someone has reached this point of frustration in their experience, a page of advice or anecdotes about how other people succeeded is too little, too late. The opportunity to help has come and passed, especially for those who have been trying for years. There are loads of great people on Balmung, but for all the positives that come with a large community, the sad fact is that a lot of people are unable to really connect with them and the desire to transfer to a community where they have a shot at not being invisible is very, very relatable.
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