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The Great Hunt


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A flyer is posted throughout the major Adventurer's Guilds in each city, calling to any and all Adventurers.


Another sheet of paper is tacked underneath it, with a few odd names scribbled on a list of those hoping to attend the Great Hunt.




[align=center]The Great Hunt

La Noscea[/align]

As the first suns of the first Umbral Moon draw near, it is once again time for the Great Hunt to begin. Though once a small tradition held solely between friends, the Great Hunt has become much more in recent moons. A time of competition between friends, to flaunt prowess in all manner of combat and magic. All in the name of adventure and kinship. Though many malicious fiends walk Eorzea these days, the most notorious of them have gone so far as to garner names for themselves amongst the people of Eorzea. To slay such a beast is a notable feat, though it seems as soon as one is destroyed, another takes it's place and fills the void.


It is the threat those notorious monsters pose that draws Adventurers from all over the realm gather together for the Great Hunt. By joining arms, they set forth to conquer these beasts and reap the rewards of their defeat. Everything from closely guarded treasures, to highly sought after materials that craftsmen from all over the land long for.


The gathering is not all business, however. Many Adventurer's have taken to gathering together for drinks at the Mizzenmast after a successful hunt to boast and tell tales of their adventures, both new and old.


As the first Umbral Moon rises, these brave Adventurers set their eyes upon La Noscea and the beasts that call it home.



~The Bomb Baron

~Gluttonous Gertrude

~Shearing Sheridan

~Slippery Sykes

~The Giant Remoa

~The Lone Couerl

~Old Six Arms

~The Unknown Soldier[/align]


A myriad of tough foes. While challenging in their own right, they all pale in comparison to the biggest prize of all, and the hopeful climax of the hunt. A Great Buffalo.


OOC Information:


Though hosted primarily for the Blue Skies adventuring linkpearl, this event is open to any and all players who wish to attend. There is no level requirement, though you may want to go on a higher or lower level class depending on the situation at hand. The idea is to promote RP within the community out in the wilds of Eorzea, as well as assist new and old roleplayers alike in obtaining rare Notorious Monster equipment.


Gathering for the Great Hunt will take place on Saturday, February 4th at 6:30pm CST at the Anchor Yards (Limsa-Lominsa upper decks, west of the Blacksmith and Armorer's guild. Click here for a map.) The event will commence at 7:00pm, with the climactic hunt of the Great Buffalo beginning at 8:00pm if numbers suffice. There is no required level to participate, though your highest level is recommended for the Great Buffalo. Any loot obtained during the event will be rolled for based on a need system. Members will break off into smaller groups to hunt specific NMs. Which group will be going after which NMs will be decided before we depart, and groups will shuffle between NMs as needed. An IC "pearl" will be given out at the event (not a real linkshell) that will be used to regroup the hunting parties for the final fight with the Great Buffalo. A gathering will be held back at the Anchor Yards after the hunt concludes.


If you are able and wish to attend, please make a note here on the thread (In-character or out.) so that the event organizers can do their best to prepare ahead of time.


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(( Barring any unexpected appointments, I think I'll be attending. I'll decide whether I ought send Taemi or Forra closer to the time, if that's alright (although one being an r48 Lancer and the other an r19 Gladiator, I suspect Forra might be more likely). ))

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(Don't worry about it, Kinara! ^^ All levels are welcome. In fact, I encourage that you come - some of the rare equipment dropped by the monsters we'll be hunting is right in your level range. Lower level players will benefit more from that, with the higher level players benefiting more from the L50 HNM we'll be fighting at the end. Little something for everyone outside of the RP.)

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I'd be interested! 50 ARC, LNC, and CNJ but if given a choice, ICly Mho'd probably prefer ARC. OOCly I'm of course happy to do whatever's needed ^0^

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(( Just an update since the event is tommorow. By the looks of things, I'm guessing we'll have anywhere between 15~25 people attending, give or take a few.


So, here's just a brief overview of how things will go down OOCly.


Gathering will start at 6:30pm CST. Depending on numbers, we'll be split off into three or four groups. I'll need a volunteer to lead each group OOCly and ICly. That person will be required to have an additional linkpearl for OOC use during the length of the event, so they must have one free slot. I would also ask that the person in question have knowledge about the NM camps, and will be able to lead their party to them.


The event linkpearl will be used to make sure transition between camps (if required) goes as smoothly as possible and groups don't shift over into another group. Groups themselves will be assigned randomly to promote more interaction between the community, as that is a big part of this event. It won't kill you to break out of your circle for a little bit! Don't worry though, you'll be able to meet back up with your friends for the second half of the event and the after party.


If you have a class around 20-30, I would recommend using that for the first half of the event. Your highest level characters will be suggested for the Great Buffalo hunt. Any loot from the first half of the event should be distributed fairly amongst whomever needs it. Use of the /roll function is encouraged.


We'll kill the Great Buffalo a few times, depending on the time. Loot from the Great Buffalo will be handled by a single roll. Anyone caught rolling twice will immediately be disqualified from obtaining anything. No exceptions. If people decide to grief and spam rolls in order to mess with those keeping track, a back up plan is on the shelf. I don't believe it will come to that, though.


The gathering after the hunt will now take place back at the Anchor Yards were we will have gathered, as the Drowning Wench might get a bit crowded.


If anyone has any questions, or would like to volunteer ahead of time, feel free to contact me in-game or send me a private message here on the forums. ))

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Gonna post a quick favor here for you guys...


If able, please take some really good screenshots and send them to me via PM or email. The banner for the new site is almost complete and it will rotate between approximately 15 different banner images. I'm trying to get images representing different things to do in game. I do not yet have anything related to NMs in this collage.


Please just make sure any images sent have names toggled off and aren't too blurry or anything. Thanks and hope everyone has a blast! (I'll be at work -.- )

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Hope you all enjoyed yourselves tonight. Had a great turn out, though it was a bit of a learning experience for me - having never hosted a large RP event, let alone an RP event period.


If you took any screenshots, please, post them here! I neglected to, being busy keeping track of everything. All I remembered to snap was a half-assed shot at the end. ^^



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