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Happy Anniversary RPC!


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[spoil]Note: Quality of pictures may vary based on resolution. Most browsers require a certain media plugin to watch the video. You will receive a pop up prompt if this is the case. Simply install the plugin and it'll let you view. YouTube didn't work due to audio copyright. Should the video require constant buffing, you are advised to let it sit on pause for a few minutes so it'll play more seamlessly after enough time has passed to download. You may use the alternate link to download the video directly and view on your own PC should it be easier to do so. The video is not my best work, but it's something I promised a year ago. Better late than never![/spoil]


Two years ago today, the Final Fantasy XIV Role-Play Coalition went public for the first time. The result was something many of us never could have possibly imagined at that time. Our numbers and activity gradually increased until the release date of the game was announced, and then our numbers shot through the roof in a way that canât be described unless you witnessed it first-hand. What followed was a rough ride filled with forged alliances, shattered friendships, drama, memorable events, and adventures beyond our wildest dreams.


Today, the face of the RP community has changed drastically since its initial inception. Many of our friends have left, possibly never to be heard from again. We've made new friends...and enemies. We've fought, we've laughed, we've cried together. We've lost a lot and gained just as much. Amidst it all, we've never really lost sight of the bigger picture. And in the rare chance that we did, the community quickly realized it and came back together each time (Mog House, Red Pearl, Out of Character).


Though it's been a long (yet short) two years, this is only just the beginning. 2.0 is creeping closer and closer with each passing day. New adventures await us all then, and I can't wait to begin them with new and old faces alike.


Without making this too long and flowery, I just want to wish a very happy 2 year anniversary to the RPC and its members. Here's hoping the next year and beyond are as adventurous or more than these last two.

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Such an awesome video - a walk down memory lane, revisiting some names/faces I haven't seen in awhile, and a great message at the end! Kudos for putting this together for us Kylin. And happy anniversary RPC!


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Brought back so many memories. Thank you for taking the time to do this, Cas. Doesn't feel like it's been two years already. Here's to many more years of prosperity!



I don't know what happened to half of my screenshots, let alone my alpha/beta screenshots, but I figure here would be as good of a place as any for us all to reminisce together and share our journeys in Eorzea!




























And in light of Valentines day yesterday, one of my favorite screenshots from the old days. <3

...Doctored up a bit, of course.




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