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The First Day [Open]

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Starting location: Drowning Wench tavern


Description: Having arrived in Limsa Lominsa, a mysterious woman scopes out her new home town and the denizens therein.



1. Keep OOC comments limited. Questions and comments should be taken to PM or the Assembly Room.

2. Physical fights will result in being escorted out of the tavern.

3. Takes place 4-5 months prior to the gameâs launch.

4. Be sure to read over other rules/guidelines sticky in this forum.

5. Have fun!



The sun nearly blinded the hyur woman as she made her way across the bridge leading into Limsa Lominsa. It was evident that not much had changed since her last visit. Her attire, a simple cotton red and white blouse and black slacks gave her somewhat of a professional look. Her blonde hair was tied up behind her in a swirled bun, her bangs partially concealing the left side of her face. Aside from the temporary blinding from the light, the sun didn't seem to have much of an effect on the woman's nearly pale complexion.


The woman continued walking across the bridge, eventually making her way into a building housing the infamous Drowning Wench tavern. The hyur confidently approached the bar and ordered herself a glass of the cheapest wine available. After the bartender poured her drink, she carefully took it to the nearest empty table and took a seat. She couldnât help but glance about the room to see what kind of patrons were present at this time of the day, high noon. A scruffy looking elezen man standing on the other side of the room gave her a wry grin and wink, forcing her to roll her eyes and look away.


âMen,â she uttered quietly to herself as she took a sip from her glass of wine.

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[At a nearby table]


"Gods almighty!" The voice was a bit louder than she had intended it to be, and a few of the patrons tilted their heads in the direction of their table at the sound of her fist striking it. The scruffy-looking man sitting across from her leaned back in his seat, a smug grin plastered across his wide expanse of a face. The voice belonged to a younger elezen woman, probably in her early 20's. Her annoyance was plain for anyone to view as she spoke again, in a quieter tone now after the patrons had turned back to their mugs of ale and their snifters of brandy.


"Alright... 20% but not a gil more. I'm doing all the work here..." she huffed.


Standing up, the middle-aged, scruffy-looking elezen man ran his fingers through salt-and-pepper hair. "You wouldn't have known about this opportunity if I had not mentioned it. Just remember you only have 20 minutes. The sentry is like clockwork in his patrol."


Waving a hand dismissively she continued, "I heard you the first time, old-timer."


Shaking his head and muttering something under his breath he began to walk toward the exit.


"Tut tut..." she warned loudly. "Aren't we forgetting something?"


Smiling, he turned around withdrawing a small burlap pouch from within the folds of his cloak. Without so much as a word he tossed it to her, and headed for the door, casting a wry grin at a woman across the room and winking. He handed the barmaid a tip, and exited the Drowning Wench.


She dumped the contents of the pouch onto a cloth napkin so as not to draw any further attention. Counting the currency she grunted to herself, "Shortchanged again... He said 10% up front..." She leaned her head back and gave an exasperated sigh.


"You can come out now." she brushed a few strands of her lavender-highlighted blonde hair from her face as she kicked at something beneath the table.


A lalafell boy jumped up from beneath the table where he had been hiding and sat down on the bench beside her. "Time for work yet Orry?"



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Yecely sat quietly in the shade. The table before her was illuminated by the sunlight from outside. On the table were a few scattered newspapers from two days past, a pencil, ink and a pen. A rather large wine glass stood on the corner of the table, barely touched. She pushed her reading glasses up as she read from a leather bound journal which she held in her hands. Yecely mouthed the words on the paged to herself. She was proofreading her article. It was due tomorrow.


Her eyes traced the woman who just came in. Her eyes also darted to the Elezen who winked at the newcomer. Yecely knew how this new patron felt at that very moment. The same guy was trying to buy her a drink just half an hour ego. Yecely's gaze was analytical by nature, and she could somehow tell this woman wasn't a native. Neither was she. She considered introducing herself, maybe making a friend. She noticed that the Elezen was about to make his move. She quickly left her makeshift workstation, took her glass of wine and joined the lone woman.


"Hey there. What's your name?" The Hyur woman gently pushed back a chair and sat in it. The sun played with her brown eyes, giving them a warm tone. "I'm Yecely."

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The newcomer at the table startled the woman at first. She glanced up from her drink and smiled faintly at the other hyur. âMay as well be somewhat social since Iâll be living here now,â she thought to herself.


âHello there,â she said still with a warm smile. âMy name is Myra. You donât plan to try selling me anything now, do you? Because I should warn you that I donât have much gil to my name until my new job starts.â

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Myra's gaze followed Yecely's momentarily. She too noticed the lalafell climb out from under the table. She couldn't help but roll her eyes. It was bad enough that the elezen girl at that table already came off as obnoxious mere moments ago due to her initial over-the-top vocals, but now she had a lalafell partner come out of a hiding spot? The girl had trouble written all over her.


Returning her attention to Yecely, Myra smiled once again and took another sip of her wine before speaking. "Yes, I'm new I suppose. Not my first time in the city but I have recently moved here. All for the chance to teach the city's illustrious teenagers."


She couldn't help but chuckle faintly as she said it. Resting her chin on the back of her hand, Myra continued. "What brings you to this city if you don't mind my asking?"

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"The crows!" Yecely giggled to herself. "Sorry, that's what my granddad used to say about hunting down news stories. Follow the crows!" She smiled again. "I'm a writer. A journalist, to be more specific. I've got a little job at the local paper for now ((don't know the name if there is one, please let me know if I've missed it)). But of course it doesn't pay very well, so I have to resort to trying to break a big story independently." She sipped from her goblet of a glass, "which makes journalism sound much more exciting than it usually is."


"It's interesting, I think teaching is such a noble profession. Do you specialize in any particular field of study?" Yecely disengaged eye contact for a moment and looked around the tavern. The sly Elezen was at the bar drinking with his buddy now. She was interested to take a look at the woman who was just making somewhat of a scene right next to them but couldn't see her because Myra was in the way. Leaning over on her chair to take a peek seemed a little impolite, although tempting. She fixed her gaze back to Myra. She felt at ease talking to this stranger. They've only just met but it seemed like they knew eachother much longer. Yecely doubted that the feeling was mutual. Myra seemed reserved, almost cautious. "She still might think I'm trying to sell her something," Yecely grinned. She remembered coming back to Limsa Lominsa, her first day in a decade on this isle-city. It's as if every beggar, thief, and street merchant saw that she was new in town, tried their luck on her. Some succeed. Yecely remembered staring into the water, her own reflection looking back at her, cursing her for all those dumb mistakes. The same reflection now stared back at her from her wine glass as she took a large gulp while listening to Myra's reply.

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Across the room the elezen girl and the lalafell were engaged in quiet conversation. It seemed apparent that they were planning something, as she was gesturing wildly and pointing at certain spots on a map.


"Here, here, and... here!" she winked at the lalafell boy who looked particularly baffled. "And he said 20 minutes, but let's not push 15, hmm?"


"Awright Orry, but what happens if I get caught?"


"Well, I'll be nearby to bail you out. I'll, ah, create a diversion!" She made a grandiose gesture with her hands. "I can be quite convincing when I need to be."


"When you need to be..." the young lalafell looked dubious. "So how much are we getting for this."


"Not enough..." she muttered under her breath.


The lalafell only nodded as she rose from the table, leaving a few of the coins stacked neatly beside her napkin for the barmaid. "Service here's lousy... C'mon, let's get one more and get outta here..."


Looking relieved at the suggestion, 'Orry's' companion hopped up from his seat and dusted himself off, stuffed a stubby hand into his pocket and gingerly placed another coin atop the pile when he thought she wasn't looking.


The pair walked away from the table over to the cramped bar, one waiting patiently and the other tapping her foot in agitation as the bartender struggled to remember everyone's orders as he poured drink after drink, apparently oblivious to the duo's arrival.

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The door swung open, and a trio of sailors stepped inside, wandering to the nearest free table. The first was a tall, lithe man with short, dark brown hair and squinty eyes. A thin beard gave him a slightly more menacing look, though his manner seemed harmless enough. The second was a rather burly fellow of average height, his blond hair receeding slightly. He appeared to have a habit of constantly scrunching his nose as he listened to the other two, and had a nasty looking scar that crossed over his forehead and into his right eyebrow. The third was the shortest, the youngest, and by far the most talkative. He wore a very thick, black mustache that looked quite out of place, and appeared to be far too frail to be a sailor. He also donned a rather large magician's hat, though it was clearly just for show. All three wore very baggy clothing, more concerned with letting the air hit their skin than anything. The third man was the first to reach the table.

"I'm telling you, he was twenty feet tall if he was a foot! I know. I saw him with my own eyes. He grabberized three men in each hand and ostricated them into the water." He sat down in a chair and looked to the others as they sat down.

"And I'm telling you that even they don't get that large, so stop exaggerating. And stop making up words." The tallest of the trio rolled his eyes as he sat down, leaning back idly and eyeing his younger companion. The burly man sat down heavily, just shaking his head at the conversation.

"I'm not making up words, you plabergaster. It's not my fault if my magatastical smartification is overly emslatersized for your puny brain. It just so happens that he was that tall and my selectification of salabastericities are compltely applicagitating to everything that I say. And mean." He gave a quick nod, crossing his arms in defiance.

"You've just been listening to Arkestican for too long." He leaned forward slightly, resting an elbow on the table.

"Aye, that be the truth of it. Ya can't go 'round tryin' ta be somethin' ya ain't." The burly man finally spoke, and the tall one rolled his eyes again.

"For the last time, Al, you're not a pirate."

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âI mostly focus on history,â Myra said matter-of-factly. âThough thatâs not to say Iâm not familiar with other subjects.â


The hyurâs eyes darted to the door, where three new men entered. She couldnât help but sigh inwardly. The new city resident had thought the bar would be quiet at this time of the day. Apparently, the denizens of the city werenât hesitant to get a drink or two in the middle of the day like she had originally expected.


âI actually quite enjoy my job,â Myra continued. âEven though I deal with my fair share of rebellious and hormone raging teens, it often only takes one or two promising students to brighten the day and make you feel like youâre doing something worthwhile in life.â


She looked again toward the new group of men who entered, unable to stop herself from hearing the travesty of vocabulary words coming out of the smallest one. âAnd itâs quite amusing to know that some kids have a better grasp on their vocabulary than grown adults.â


She turned her head slightly to the younger elezen female and her companion, both of them having moved to the bar. Myra smiled to herself as her gaze shifted back to the men, her analytical eyes seeming to match those of a trained mercenary sizing up a situation.


âCall it a hunch but I think youâll get yourself a story soon enough,â Myra stated with a slight grin as she took another sip from her cheap wine.

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A large Sea Wolf Roegadyn could be seen ponderously hauling a large cart across the bridges of Limsa Lominsa, the signage of which indicated that this was the ever-famous Whiskeyjack's House of Crappe. He eventually finds his way towards the Drowning Wench tavern, setting his cart down in front with a loud thud. He looks around, most of the people not even regarding the sight, a few of the newer recruits staring at the man's cart. "Hey kid, you gonna oggle me all day or buy somethin'?" he says, the man looking at him, and then moving away from the cart. "Llymlaen's tit! It's like nobody never seen a man cartin' a cart around before."


The hulking figure made his way into the bar about as loudly and without grace as possible for a nearly 300 pound wall of muscle and ugly. He shouted across the bar to one of the barmaids, "Hey! Tell Tenfingers that Two-Patch wanted to see 'im. Oh, and get me a beer!" The woman rolled her eyes and walked into the back of the inn.


The obnoxious Roegadyn found himself a crate and slammed it down next to a table. He took a seat on the crate and glanced around the room - sizing up his future customers. Upon closer inspection, one would notice of this Roegadyn that he had two eyepatches over his right eye.

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Rather unoticed for some time, though quietly watching, an Elezen woman sat quietly. This was not a problem for her since she was a quiet person to begin with. She didn't particuliarly like taverns to begin with but she had to be here to meet with a tradeswoman. By gazing around the room she could tell her business associate hadn't yet arrived. She brushed her long dark hair from her curlean eyes and then sighed looking back down at the list of supplies as she shifted in her seat adjusting her bulky cloak.


Just then the doors open and of all things a Roegadyn burst in and she couldn't help but follow his actions since he was quite boisterous. She observed he must be a sailor from his attire but the puzzling part was that he has two eyepatches over one eye. As she mused about this the doors opened up again and this time she noticed a rather stern looking Lafellel in Dunesfolk attire that somehow cut a rather imposing figure though though she was short by her races standards. The figure behind her almost went unoticed though being a heavily painted M'oquito as the Lafellel glared around the room cursing obviously not liking something in the room as she scanned it.


The Elzen woman stood up and cleared her throat and started to wave and as it turned out it was all she needed to attract the Lafalel's hawk-like gaze. The small woman confidently strided over to the table and sat herself down before the poor Elzen could speak. The Lafallel's companion walked over to the wall and quietly leaned against it closing her eyes though the tip of her tail still twitched alertly.


"By the twelve, if you had the manners of an Aldgoat you'd be sitting alrready..." the Lafallel grumbled.


The elzen woman sighed and sat down. This wasn't the best way to start a business transaction.

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With a practiced rhythm, Oryn moved through the throngs of Limsa-Lominsans, keeping track of feet with his peripheral vision, his attention was primarily fixed on scanning the first pages of a new book: "The Art of Legal Debate." Three more leatherbound tomes were wedged underneath one arm, a few more were secured in a satchel across his back. A grumbling in his stomach caused the studious Hyur to alter his course towards the Drowning Wench.


Fortunately for Oryn, the booming voice of Two-Patch caused him to look up just in time to avoid running smack in to the Roegadyn's back. Maneuvering deftly out of the way, he slid in to the bar behind the large Sea Wolf and found himself an unoccupied table to unload his stack of books and signal the barkeep, breathing a sigh of relief at avoiding the collision. He knew of Two-Patch by reputation alone, and had no desire to make a personal acquaintance.

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The Sea Wolf eyed up the room, noticing the Hyur slip past him towards a table. The Sea Wolf stood, grabbed the heavy crate with his hand, and swung over to Oryn's table. He slammed the crate down loud enough for the young hyur to hear him and then shouted. "The Art of Legal Debate! By the Twelve and all their various unmentionable bits! Wha're you botherin' with tha' for, when you can make a FINE purchase on one of honest Two-Patches weapons! Think of the opportunity!" He slams his massive fist into the table, rocking it a bit. "Don't battle for legal gains, finish your arguments with a Trial by COMBAT! With a Whiskeyjack's House of Crappe blade!"


He moved to try and snatch the book from the wry Hyur. "And besides! If this is edition 12, you're readin' old shite anyway. Everybody knows tha' the proper way to defeat an opponent is t'find their logical fallacies and relate them t'the context of the argued text! Ya' fool of a Hyur. Jes' bring up argumentum ad verecundiam, an' you've got just about anyones arse inna sling."

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The Mo'quito flattened its ears slightly watching the Sea Wolf, moving no muscle but its eyes, tail still twitching.


The Lalafel cringed at the abrasive and absurdly loud seller of "Crappe". "Thal's Fire, if it be your will, that amatuer and this accursed crowd be swallowed up," she muttered darkly before turning and smiling back at the Elzen. "Okay kid... Here's the deal..." she said brushing her bangs out of her eyes revealing a firey red gem. "I'm a born trader, blessed by the zodiac with a growing business, and I could use an Alchemist so I can sell more items to my customers. You'll get commission plus a share in profit, 20% which is generous, you follow me or take the next airship back to the tree huggers."


The Elzen sighed. "You get to the point."


"There's no use selling if you aren't buying kid."


"Fine, fine... I wanted adventure so sure."


With a flourish the Lalafell produced a scroll from the folds in her garment unfurling it and handed the girl a quill. "Don't worry, no need to read the fine print, I'm a woman of my word and you'll get your pay."


Gulping the auburn haired Elzen signed the scroll.

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The trio deliberated for some time after the entry of the Sea Wolf. The burly man swore up and down that ol' Two-Patch must be the one they'd been talking about. "He ain't quite twenty feet, mind ye, but he's got a girth me eyes ain't witnessed since..."

"I swear if you say 'since my parrot choked on a cracker,' I'm going to wallop you." The tall man glanced back between the enormous figure with the cart and his youngest companion. "Well, you're the one who saw him. What's the final verdict?"

Pulling down the large magician's hat slightly, the youngest man leaned forward, shaking his head slowly. "Firstively, bigginimically as he is, the one I saw was easily three times more gargabicastic. Secondubidibly, that guy's voice is expurgently too valical. Thripacly, the giant I wichicalled myself hadn't flarcicated an eye that he booriged with two eye patches. That's not only inaccountingly but also a little rabidasclington if you ask me." He leaned back slightly and looked between the tall and burly sailors with a quick nod.

The tall one just blinked in complete awe and let out a long sigh after giving himself a moment to think. "I didn't understand a word you just said. I'm going to assume that guy isn't the impossibly large man you saw, though, since you aren't tripping over yourself to get out the door."

"Aye, that be the... I mean... yeah, same here..." The burly man pursed his lips together and began to look around for a bar wench. "Isn't there a server girl or something?"

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There was an uncomfortable pause after Two-Patch's words that caused Oryn's face to turn an embarrassing color of crimson. He could feel his heart screaming to get out of his chest as it rapidly sent adrenaline through his veins. He began picking up his books into a neat stack to mask any trembling. It wasn't that he was a coward; Limsa-Lominsa's streets were full of tough old salts, and half seemed to be shipmates of Oryn's sister. He was used to that enough. But Two-Patch did not seem like your average sea-trash to wash ashore, get stinking drunk, and make inappropriate passes at the more gentile local-women. Not to mention that he was big. And loud. And Oryn doubted very much that the merchant would ever need his services in a court of law. The bugger is more likely to defend himself, and sell half the jury trinkets and baubles while he's at it, he thought to himself.


"No-now see here, Mister Jack," the Hyur said, willing his voice to sound confident. "I'm afraid you've caught me flagrante delicto of attempting to enjoy a nice glass of port with this book which, hmm let me see, yes it does indeed happen to be the twelfth edition--good man for knowing it--and while I'm certain your weapons would be the excruciatingly best at ha ha cutting through red tape, I really must decline as I prefer the quill to do my fighting for me. I happen to be writing something of a treatise on local life, Thal willing. And if you like, Mister Jack, if you like, I shall personally pen an inscription to you, good man, on the frontispiece of a copy, once the text is completed, bound, and back from the printers. But for now, I beg you the graces of the Twelve celestials and ask to be left to enjoy my lunch in the aetherial bliss of solitude."


Oryn gave his best smile, which inevitably ended up as a wry grin somehow (no matter how many times he practiced in a mirror trying to give beaming lawyer-ly smiles instead), and keeping his face fixed at Two-Patch, glanced around the room from the corner of his eyes looking for potential allies and escape routes.

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"Good Choice Kid!" the Lalafell said rolling up the scroll and producing another which the Elzen took a bit tentatively. "Here's your first 3 orders Kid," she said standing up. "I'll send an associate to collect them in 2 weeks." Her business ended the Lalafell waved over her shoulder signalling the M'oquito who nodded and moved to follow closely as they strode past the table which the loud Sea Wolf and the young Hyur.


The auburn haired elzen sighed as she was left and sat down in the seat. Unfulring the scroll she squeaked in disbelief of the size of the 3 orders. Maybe she should of read the fine print...


Looking up she saw the scene with the loud, large merchant and the young man, who seemed to look her way for a moment, still unfolding. "I wonder if he signed a contract with that merchant he's trying to get out of..." she thought.

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When a pair of seats at the bar became available, Orry quickly launched herself past a hyur couple and staked her claim. Her lalafell companion ambled over afterwards, ducking his head shamefully as the hyur gentleman raised his fist at Orry's direction, though she paid no notice. Pulling himself up at the bar, the mismatched pair continued to wait for some service.


"So, what're you gonna do with your split?" she inquired?


The lalafell rubbed his eyebrows, but before he could answer, the thundering of a Sea Wolf Roegedan cut him off. Orry's attention finally shifted away from herself, if momentarily, and her jaw dropped slightly.


She thwapped him in his shoulder, a bit forcefully given his small stature, and nodded to the newcomer. The lalafell's gaze was already fixed in his direction. Her whisper could be heard in that moment when the clamour of the place was cut off after his boisterous arrival, "Hey, that's Whiskeyjack.."




"Two-Patch Whiskeyjack! If you came in here more than once in every four moons and you might get to knowin' some people, kiddo. No wonder Quiggy always says you live under a moldy rock... sheesh..."


It was the truth, too. Establishments such as this were not his cup of tea. In truth, he was probably content under the table while Orry was conducting business. Despite the suggestion that he try to steal the man's wallet while he was down there, he had known (or at least strongly hoped) that her suggestion was meant as a joke. That she hadn't asked about it would seem to confirm it for him.


"I'm tired, Orry. I think I'm just gunna go home."


Her gaze finally broke away from Whiskeyjack as she glanced at him - her expression something between concern and annoyance.


Adopting a softer tone, she nodded, "Alright Starkin, just remember our 'appointment' tomorrow."


"I will, Orry. Enjoy your drink."


Her voice became shrill again, "If I ever get one!" The bartender glanced over one of his broad shoulders at her briefly before running a washcloth over some dirty glasses and moving away to another patron at the opposite end of the bar.


The lalafell hopped off the seat and sauntered out of the bar leaving her by herself. As she waited, her eyes swept across the room. A scholarly-looking hyur woman had been glancing at her periodically, but she dismissed it as envy. Whiskeyjack was now engaged in conversation - no doubt a sale - with someone holding up a leatherbound book.


Now in addition to being thirsty, she was bored.

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Though she didn't really want to be there too much longer the Elzen's nerves had been strung out, and the contract wasn't helping her calm any, she decided to go get a drink at the bar before she left. Her eyes fell on the scene, which she'd have to walk past, and the Alchemist gulped. "Well why would either of them notice me?" she thought.


She stood up and walked to the bar averting her eyes as she passed the Sea Wolf and the Hyur man. She purposely walked to the space she saw at the counter.

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Though she didn't really want to be there too much longer the Elzen's nerves had been strung out, and the contract wasn't helping her calm any, she decided to go get a drink at the bar before she left. Her eyes fell on the scene, which she'd have to walk past, and the Alchemist gulped. "Well why would either of them notice me?" she thought.


She stood up and walked to the bar averting her eyes as she passed the Sea Wolf and the Hyur man. She purposely walked to the space she saw at the counter.

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He listened to the Hyur, then went from smiling, to straight faced, to smiling again. "HAH! A Hyur after me own blood. By 'Leave me alone in Aetherial bliss,' I'll bet you meant, 'I want a job, Two-Patch!'" The large Sea-Wolf let out a boisterous guffaw, slapping the small man on his shoulder. He quietly reached down to his side and pulled a small slip of paper, a goods voucher worth nearly 2,500 gil, signing it before sliding it across the table. "Ol' Whiskeyjack knows talent when what he sees it, aye? Yer young, smart, and know the law. Most importantly, ye probably have license to practice it. That voucher, call it a signin' bonus, should be good down Hawker's Alley. Use it at some of the book shops what're set up there, eh? I ain't a lawyer... I am a notary... but I AIN'T a lawyer. I need one. Go buy you some books an' come back, let me know if yer in it to win it, son. If'n I don't hire you, I'll have to finish all o' my trials by COMBAT!" With that, the Sea Wolf stands up and launches a massive uppercut into the air - the sort that makes you want to shout SHORYUKEN, though you don't know why. He then messes up the young man's hair, and looks around the bar.


"Thal's balls on a stick! Ain't it just a mess of people around here today! Who's the lucky lad or lass what gets my company next..." He rubs his hands together, seeing a few of the locals roll their eyes and go back to their usual work. It's clear that he uses the new adventurers coming in and out of the tavern to scout for talent. He begins to methodically move past a few of the tables, hawk-eye spotting a few interesting folk. He looks at the nervous Elezen woman who just conversed with the lalafel business woman. "Nope. Yer spoken for, lassy. If'n you want better rates, Two-Patch Exports could always use some alchemists." He keeps walking towards the bar.


"Ah, here we go!" He takes a seat at the bar where, moments before, a Lalafel departed from the bar - leaving a slouched Elezen woman sitting by her lonesome. He leans his massive frame onto the bar and then eyes Orry up and down, "Well, normally ye pointy-eared folk drink yer beer with a pinky out. Here you are, slouched over, lookin' like you ain't eaten in a few days. What's yer talents, kiddo?"

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Myra couldnât help but frown at the scene unfolding in the bar now. It had quickly become more populated than she expected at this time of day. To make matters worse, there was the roegadyn pouncing about and he was no doubt some kind of salesman. The hyur started thinking quickly to herself.


She recalled something she had read in one of her feminist books. It had stated that while men had few issues approaching one or even two women, they were more often than not intimidated when it came to approaching a larger group of women. Myra scanned the bar with the ferocity of a warrior looking for a battle. If she could just get one more woman to sit at the table with her and Yecely, it could just be enough to prevent the salesman, or any other man present in the tavern, from approaching. Sadly, there were few women present by the looks of it. The two she saw were both up at the counter, one of which was already approached by the roegadyn.


The hyur was clearly in deep thought, trying to figure out how to build up the barrier before any of the men had a chance to strike.

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Looking somewhat abashed as the quiet Duskwight and boisterous Sea Wolf plopped down simultaneously on either side of her, Orry felt almost threatened, momentarily feeling cornered between the duo before realizing that each had come from different directions and they clearly didn't know one another. Coincidence... She didn't even have time to laugh to herself before the Roegadan began chatting her up. The auburn-headed elezen woman didn't much look like she wanted a conversation anyway.


"Hiya Mr. Whiskeyjack!" she beamed at him. It had become painfully clear that, despite his reputation she had never exchanged words with the man. To be honest, she seldom found herself in The Drowning Wench by herself. She was always here in company, whether it be for business or relaxation with friends.


"My talents, hmm? I guess you could say I see things others do not, and have a knack for orchestratin' things and gettin' people together who wouldn't normally work together. Ya know what I'm sayin?" She gave him a winning grin. "I can be pretty persuasive when I mean to be..."


She glanced at the bartender, who was now clearly avoiding her. "That is, when people bother to pay attention!!" The last was in a raised voice, and if the bartender heard her, he now gave no indication of it.


Turning back to the Sea Wolf she batted her eyelashes a few times, "What's a gal gotta do to get a drink in a place like this, anyhow?" She giggled.

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Oryn stood at the table, mouth agape and looking for all the world like someone had just slapped him across the face with a cold sea eel. He stared down at the goods voucher, then back up to Two-Patch, but the Roegadyn was already chatting up a lady across the room.


Smoothing out his hair with one hand, Oryn pocketed the voucher with the other and glanced about. There were an awful lot of women, all casting glances at one another. It made Oryn a bit uncomfortable, after being made such an inadvertent spectacle of by Whiskeyjack. Still, he mustered his pride, straightened out his jacket, and gave a dignified nod to the two Hyur woman who seemed to be staring the most as he strode to the bar--opposite side from Whiskeyjack--and tried to get the barkeep's attention.

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