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Lets try this again.

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Awhile back, I was going to try and make a return; however at the time, my funds got wonky and things happened in RL that kept me from returning. Sooo, here I go again to try and return to test (and maybe stay) with FFXIV


I do plan to restart Vaelyn from scratch. I am thinking of dubbing it that somewhere on his original adventures running around, something happened (probably a monster he shouldn't been tangling with) and he took a nasty whack to the head. This leading to some memory lost, a bit of amnesia, and now he has to start all over again from the ground up.


He is still going to be an Elven and a Duskwight and unlike most of his race, he is still going to be a rather nice guy.

I am just trying to decide if I want him to hang around still in Gri, or maybe moving to another city. :|a

He is still going to be a lancer and probably down the road a dragoon.


It also may explain with the attack, why his stuff went missing. xD


I realize the thing about amnesia is a cop out kinda thing, but I needed away to explain how he went from the level he did back to 1 and lost all his skills; also gives me a chance to rework his history a bit better, since I never really did get the chance to roleplay him.


Seems the goddess has given this Mercenary a second chance at life. xD

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Hi to you both!

And I do believe I remember you as well Aysun. How ya been? ^^


I also do plan to stick around this time, as this morning I recreated Vaelyn and got him setup in Ul'Dah. So yay for a duskwight being in a sunny(yet shady people) place, haha. I am actually was surprised when I logged in with a new version, cause I decided for the heck of it to crank up my graphics a bit-- then low and behold! ... My computer actually was running cool and it wasn't having trouble keeping up.

So I am not 100% sure what the new guy did on the graphics side, but something got changed where my computer is a very happy camper. Now purring away like it does on all games.


Cause really, that is what kept me from playing FFXIV, was the fear of it melting my graphics card, and it being the only new age game that was giving my computer fits (since I was playing SWTOR for a bit).



Hopefully I'll catch some of you lovely people. Maybe I will start up something on the RP forums. :|a Not sure yet.

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I'm doing well! Been enjoying the changes, seeing all the differences~


Look up next time you're outside. Remember that little tiny moon next to the bigger moon? Yea.


FFXIV still wants to melt my computer. Glad to hear it's running better for you. A few patches ago, they introduced more graphic options so players could control more of it. It's increased a lot of people's ability to play the game from what I've seen!

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Thanks you two. ^^

And yes. Duskwight male = <3

(Kinda looking forward to the 8 characters slots so I can resurrect Koti & make a male Miqo'te)


@ Aysun -

I keep forgetting to add you on my friend list when I am on to keep an eye out for you. >.>

Then again, I tend to get on early morning or late evenings; Mostly early mornings... but next time I am on, I'll add you to my friendlist to try and keep an eye out.


Just also haven't been back in the forest yet, Vaelyn is having fun in the Desert and being chased by the undead. xD

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