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Male Miqo'te Design Found

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So, I am really excited about Male Miqo'tes in 2.0. I am one of these crazy females in RL that love playing as guys, because, well, just easier to separate myself oocly if I am not playing my own gender.

Either way, I found this and Thought I would share:




The file comment as the link of where I found it.

If I find anymore male Miqo'te stuff. I will probably update it here.



Found a better more Hi Res picture. <3

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I can't wait for this. They should have included male Miqo'te from the beginning. It's hard to RP a female character, being male. :(


Then again, I haven't been doing much RPing...


Oh yes, by the way; as far as a female Roegadyn goes, this is about as good as you're going to get:


http://www.creativeuncut.com/gallery-19 ... female.jpg


at least until Gamescon next week when Square will be showing exclusive gameplay for v2.0

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