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Hello! So, my character is a Miqo'te former nun currently living in the Shroud. She's a pretty new character, and while a lot of my RP is through my FC I'd love to meet new people as she only really has two people she can call friend right now and needs more contacts - whether friends, rivals, enemies, or romantic interests. I love plots with darker themes and character development and I'd call myself a heavy RPer, so let me know either through here or through a /tell whether you'd like to set something up! Wiki can be found here. Stay awesome!

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-waves hands furiously- Aiswynd in game has a thing for Miqo'te (it's the cat thing, he usually has a Coeurl kitten following him around, dude seriously loves felines). Ahem, I mean, Aiswynd is usually seen around the Shroud, and would be amicable to RPing with a Miqo'te regardless of tribe.

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