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Looking For: RP Linkshells!

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One of the bigger LS's (My opinion) is definetly Open RP




Our beloved agenda Ill'we tends to post like all the events happening in the week whenever he feels like smacking that sexy macro of his.




And if you're looking into Au Ra, then the below LS is your best friend. (I think, so I've heard atleast)



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I'm new to the game in general, so I don't really know what linkshells are, other than they're bigger than FC and cover a wider span of people.  I don't know what kind of linkshells there are either, Or I'd specify.  Sorry D:


But I'm a roleplayer that likes realistic/darker themes, etc.  Maybe something that caters to that?

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Linkshells are chatchannels. Free Companies are guilds :)


But you have so many different themes for them! From your good old mercs, to goodie two shoes, criminals, Ishgardians, monks, Ala Mhigo resistance ect. There's a lot to be found! Just toss out what your character would do. Aka look for merc work? Or is he interested into monk, or the Ala Mhigan resistance? Perhaps you would like to find some more social roleplay, heck, we even have a bloody courtesan linkshell!


Really, there is so much around, but I would suggest giving us some themes what your character would work with :)

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I would suggest you check out the [RP Linkskell & Free Company Lists for Balmung] for things that suit you. A Linkshell is like an in game chat channel and you can have 8, and a Free Company is like a Guild.


Fell free to come join us in [Hugs & Cakes Link Shell] where there is a nice positive bunch of RPers.

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