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Trying to get my feet wet

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She stands just off to the side of the crowd, not noticing the glances brought on by her foreign appearance and battle-ready attire. Or maybe she just doesn't care.

Her sentences are carefully constructed, the barest hint of an accent escaping once or twice. Her smile is polite, her words docile, her stance almost casual if not for the gleaming blade at her side. In her eyes, however, the observant will find a flame of passionate resolve.

A past hidden in secrets. A righteous yet lofty goal. She is Lazulle Vilauclaire, and seeks to be the shield of the down-trodden.


I've gone to a couple (see: 2) rp events and had a good time, but my schedule is a bit erratic and I'm not good at introducing myself. I haven't really figured out what I'm doing.

I'm still trying to get the hang of this style of rp, and her personality is still in the works. Please tell me if there's something I could improve on (characterization, interaction, lore, etc).


I'd be interested any sort of interaction you could think of: friendship, rivalry, enemies, you name it. She's a chaotic good type of person (right now at least) and has a lot of room to grow. I'm open to forum style as well as in game rp, just let me know what times are best if you can.


Feel free to shoot me a /tell in game or a pm on here!

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A great way to get into RP without getting in too deep is to hang out in popular spots and do some casual walk-up with people. For example, the Quicksand in Ul'dah often has tons of people that just hang out RPing with whoever catches their fancy. Most of them will have something like "Walk-Up RP friendly!" in their search info. Find one, and just sort of 'bump' into them. You could also send them a tell asking if there's anything noticeable about the character that could catch your character's eye.


Getting your feet wet, as you put it, in this manner lets you flow in and out of RP on your schedule at the pace that you feel comfortable with. You might even make some friends that way!

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