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Not from round here [RP Open/Apply]


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((Reserved for OOC Who's Who

((If you would like to join just send a PM with brief few lines request/outline


Nebbs, playing Sumi Kha



Okhi Lyehga playing Khorchi Dalamiq



KitKatM playing Lucious King


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Sumi walked through the camps outside of Ul'dah, headed towards the nearby Coffin & Coffer tavern. Many had suggested that was where the dream weed was coming from and so that was where she headed.


She walked as one who is used to travel, her pace quite brisk and her garb designed not to impede her. Her clothing was simple yet decorated with patterns and tassels, clearly tribal but a style not common in Eorzea. Her hair,a mane of deep blue and lilac, flirted with the wind  and framed her face along with her dark horns. The clothing exposed her dark skin to the elements, and dark scales could be seen wrapping round her protectively.


As she went through the tents lilac eyes of curiosity and a feral glint searched ahead of her. A stranger in a strange land, but with troubles she felt someone should do something about.

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Khorchi sat at the table in the bar eyeing the bulletin she had read. The woman took her busted looking axe and set it on her lap, as to assure it wouldnt get up and leave. After a few moments Khorchi waved to the barkeep gesturing for something to drink. 


The small woman with her purple eyes and neat hair save for the scar on her head sat kicking her feet like a child as a mug of juice was brought over.


Khorchi sat and listened to the people around here listening to see if anyone needed help, like Selarion had taught her 'pass it forward'

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Soon the tents of the camps were behind her and having avoided the giant ants she came upon the tavern tucked beneath an outcrop of rock, weathered and worn by the ages. She could tell this was a wretched hive, just the place where lazy males who had lost their fire would come and find the dream weed. Drawing comfort from the fact she could feel the spirits of this land were close and would come to her aid if called, Sumi walked proudly into the tavern.




Stepping inside she stood a moment illuminated in the halo of dust cast by the light from the door as it violated the gloom. The epitome of a fierce tribe female, one who would argue with the rain, and win. Then it was gone as the door closed behind her and left her a shadow, her lilac eyes glowing with her inner light in the gloom.


Stepping forwards she walked straight into the serving girl causing her to spill the drink she was carrying and curse profusely, Sumi was quite sure she was not the whore of a void fiend but the cursing was colourful so had good merit. Smiling and holding her hands wide she apologies, "Many apologies I was not paying attention, can I replace drink and apologize to person who it belong?" The girl fumed some more but pointed at the Au Ra nursing an axe at a nearby table.


Sumi kept apologizing as the serving girl turned to the bar leaving her alone. It only took a few steps to stand in front of the Au Ra with the axe, where she bowed. "I am Sumi of the Kha, I will buy you drinks to replace the one I spilled. Please accept my humble offerings." She waited bowed for a response from Khorchi.

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Khorchi sat in an ignorant bliss until all of a sudden a Au Ra approached her table and apologized for spilling her drink. Confused she looked around the table and didn't see her drink and shrugged.


Khorchi dug into her bag and pulled out a pen that had been infused with aether. She wrote with it in the air as the letters came to life, "Oh its no trouble I haven't even received my drink yet." she set the pen down and smiled giving the woman a bow of her head.


She wrote again "And I am Khorchi of the uhh." she looked confused for a moment then continued writing "And you don't have to buy me a drink its no trouble at all." Khorchi smiled and motioned to the seat across from her in hopes shed join her.

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Sumi smiles, "You are not from Tribe? That is fine." She bows low again, "I am honoured to meet you Khorchi, and accept a seat at your table"


She had few belongings, a few talismans and a satchel, yet walked without fear as if she were in armour.


Sumi sat, looking at the glowing letters fade. "That is interesting magic, is there a story behind this?" She looks back to the bar, "I made serving girl drop your drink she will bring a fresh one"

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Khorchi gave a smile as Sumi sat at her table then using her pen wrote. "I was given this pen to help me talk since I am unable to." she opened her mouth showing she had no tongue. then continued writing "I also don't remember if I belonged to a clan."

Khorchi adjusted her armor a little and kept a hand on her axe at all times like it was the most prized possession. 


the drink arrived and Khorchi bounced a little in her seat as she was handed the juice. her face lit up. she wrote again "What brings you here?"

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Sumi sat, noting the protective hand over the axe and wondering who this girl was hiding from to need such a thing as comfort. 


She was reminded of herself, as the child sitting at the fire sharpening her first swords. They were old, worn and rust pitted but to a lost girl they were solid and were an easy path to releasing her anger. Her master had made her put away such things many summers ago, but she remembered those confused days well.


"Nice axe" she managed to say as the serving girl returned, and getting her attention she asked, "Can I have a pot of what passes for tea here please?"


The already irate serving girl glared back at Sumi but with an exasperated harrumph, nodded and stomped off.


Sumi hugged and turned back to Korchi just to see the insides of her mouth, so just to be polite she leaned in closer for a good look. "Aww is not good, who would do such a thing? Still a magic pen I expect that draws a crowed and people always asking for a go?"


Sumi taps the table eyes scanning the room, "As for why I would ever come here. I'm trying to buy some dream weed."

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Khorchi look quizzically at Sumi when she said nice axe. Khorchi didnt quite get why some things were nice and others werent so she sat perplexed but quickly wrote "Its my axe, and I am unsure why I have no tongue Selarian said it might have to do with my head."


The small girl pointed to a scar across her skull on the back side. she gripped her axe a little as she asked about the pen "This was given to me so I could write." she smiled her eyes lighting up thinking about the kind person who gave it to her.


"As for dream weed I havent heard of it. But I was sent here to help people if I can. Mata would be proud!" Khorchi grinned a dumb grin as she waited for her juice kicking her feet playfully under the table.

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Sumi nodded and even winced seeing the scar. "That's quite nasty, it must have been some accident to cause that. Maybe some lost knowing of your past too?"


She looked around absently seeing if the serving girl was fetching her tea, as well as searching the few in the tavern for someone she might recognise. "Helping people is a good thing, I am wondering if that is s working out? I'd expect some would take advantage of such offers."


Sumi turns back, leaning closer and whispering secretly. "Dream weed is a plant people use to forget and they lay around dreaming their days away. Many use it a lot and get trapped in the feeling wanting it more and more. I aim to stop them that us providing it."

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Khorchi gave a polite amile and wrote "Selarian thinks it might have to do with my memory loss too. And mata says to be wary of helping others as well." she nodded.


She continued kicking her feet waiting for her juice, she watched as Sumi scanned the room and pretended to do the same.


When she leaned in and told her she just nodded in agreement and wrote in her book sliding it to Sumi "Need help?"

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Sumi thought a moment her hand reaching out to pat Khorchi's arm reassuringly. "I don't aim to do talking much, these people have already shown they have no honour. Have you used that axe much to take life of other? It will be dance with death I think."


She is smiling at this last statement as is she was relishing it.


Giving Khorchi time to respond she then sits back and speaks more normally, "But first we share drink and you tell me what you like do for fun and relax? I like talking with Tent Sisters, while hands are busy with cloth and leather."

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Khorchi thinks "I like killing rats for money so I can eat but other than that I dont really do much." she taped her chin


"I did things with my axe Im not proud of....I lose control...." she writes in the note pad not wanting to broadcast it. her hands clutch the axe.


Khorchi kind of sank in her chair thinking back to the night with Mata killing all those creatures and shook her head.

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Sumi listens and nods as things are revealed.


"Oh you have warrior spirit inside you, that is rare. It is most honour to meet one like you" she bows her head in genuine respect.


"Though I think you are struggle with it and fighting against it, yes? The horse can only be mastered by getting on its back, not by tying it up"


She thinks for a moment, "You come with me, I think i pay more than rat killing or can trade you some of my time. I make good leather armour or nice shirt for you?"


Sumi smiles, "I help you ride horse, yes?"

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Khorchi nods in agreement to Sumi. and writes "I will ride the horse!" she mouths a giggle and kicks her feet.


"So what is the warrior spirit?" she wrote with a confused look on her face. she had never heard of this before and was curious as to find out more.


"And how much do you pay?" her face still a mixture of confused and excited.

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Sumi leans back and joins in the infections leg swinging.


"I don't know, I can afford some gil and I have crystals too. Also we can claim what we find on the bad folks, they took a lot of gil from people."


She lifts her head back and forth, "Warrior spirit, is.. well, like being the fight, just the fight and not aware of other things. Is terrible to see, and devastating to be faced by it."


She looks at Khorchi, to see how this affects her, "I expect it can be scary"

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Khorchi writes "Oh well that sounds good beat up baddies make money." she smiles kicks her legs in sync with Sumi.

"What are crystals?" she wrote wondering what sort of things they could be.


this warriors spirit could it be what caused her to hurt those creatures "So can I learn to control it?"


er face saddened a little thinking she may not be able to control it she didnt want to hurt friends.

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Sumi nods to the serving who brings the drinks over and places some gil on the table as she has seen others do, before turning back to Khochi.


"Control, I expect to some degree but it will be like controlling your fall in avalanche. Learn to use it and trust I think will be more like it. Rather than fight it and push against it, which is where a lot of problems would come from I expect."


She picks up her tea sniffs it, pulls a face and leaves it be. "This really is backwards land. No love of life, instead they hide and prefer simply to get through it."


Sumi reaches over to pat Khochi's hand, "Don't look so glum, we dance with death and we win"

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Khorchi lights up as Sumi held her hand her tail wigglin around. She gave a nod "I would love get to that point." she wrote with a smile.


she drinks her juice smiling. she writes "People hide feelings to protect themselves I am beginning to think."


she patted the axe "Dance with death? I hope we win." her face brightened as she finished her drink "So where do we go now?"

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Lucious walked into the tavern confused, he looked around for a moment. The rings around his fingers jingled as he moved to scratch the back of his head. 


His mask covering his face the eye holes dark as night, there was a crack under the right cheek of the mask. 


He shrugged and moved over to the bar waving for the barkeep to order. Quietly he leaned up against the bar and looked as if he froze in time, he stayed there motionless.

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Sumi smiled and tried again her tea, remembering why she had left it in the first place too late. "I think we have better chance than surviving this tea." She makes a yucky face and puts the mug down again.


Sumi thinks a moment then scans the room slowly seeing if there is any other likely peoples who look like they would fight bandits rather than being one, "Maybe we get more help, just in case. Do you see any likely sorts?"

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Khorchi looks but has a hard time discerning 'Likely sorts' from anyone else. she scratched her head gripping her axe tightly with her other hand.


she stopped look around and drank her juice before writing "I am unsure what we are looking for there are plenty of people here. But which can be likely I don't know."


she slumped a little, disappointed she couldn't help more. She watch the young man in the mask walk in and sit down, she tilted her head looking at him, then looked over to Sumi.

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"Him?" Sumi asked considering the masked one. "Are you sure? Is that what warrior instinct say?"


She looked again and tapped the table as if ticking off many objections in her head. Then she turns and smiles at Khorchi. "Good choice, even better if his mask scares you."


"Do you want get him over here or me do it?"

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Khorchi looked at Sumi and motioned for her to go talk to him. She wasn't sure what she would 'say' to him


She finished her juice and sat patiently awaiting Sumi.


She wasn't sure what she felt about the masked man.

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Sumi nodded, "Hai", and stood strengthening the sashes on her Tribal garb. Then with some ease and confidence she walked over to the masked man wondering what she would say.


In her mind she ran through several things she could say, from ... That's my spot..  Could you help an old woman ... Is that a poisons spider just crawled up your leg .. I find your lack of face disturbing.


In the end she went with standing nest to him and asking, "Hello, are you the one who wanted the job?"

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