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Bastion's decent art (commissions open! Check first post!)


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Hello everyone! o/ I already had a thread on here, but since it's 2 years old, let's start over fresh!

P.S. if you wanna commission me and help me pay for college and eat that'd be pretty sweet yanno wink wink wink


Here are my commissions prices! http://imgur.com/OwXlqaq




Quick doodle I did of Bastion today to warm up


Aaand some non-FFXIV art






*realizes how little variety is in his artwork* *sweats*


That's it for now! o/ If you do follow the link to my tumblr (posted in one of the drawings), be aware that it's not only my art and that it has some NSFW stuff (but not pornographic)

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Okay, all done with my commission list! Uploading them all in one post so I don't spam















Edda, Jay, Kasaris and Stalwart Bull (:







Big thanks to everyone who commissioned me. My parents and I are out of a job and we've gone days without eating at times, so these commissions helped a lot this week. If you have friends who are looking for an artist, please help spread the word. I could really use it!

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