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Hello everyone! New to FF14 after resisting it forever (not a big fan usually of eastern games/MMOs but I still have a fond spot in my heart for certain final fantasies.)


Anyway. Just made a character, and hope to take part in roleplay. Trying to find a suitable second home as far as a place to play a game/take part in a community goes, as one of my primary MMO spots is just... lacking.


Anyway, how does one get a character eligible to transfer to Balmung? That's my next obstacle >.>

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How is transferring to Balmung impossible because of the guidelines?


I've transferred no less than 6 characters already.

Either way, just try transferring, if it's not available for you, you will not he charged and it will even state why you are not eligible.


Are you on that 1 month free trial thing and that's why you wonder about transferring?


If so them I'm not sure, but as I said above, justify it and see, you won't be charged if you are not eligible

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Right now when I try to transfer, I have no options under "current world."


I'm seems to be a technical issue with the site as I do not have that option either. I'd wait a few days and try again.


Also, sometimes when using a mobile device (like I am right now) all the options do not register. If you are also on a mobile, try logging in thru a PC and seeing if that helps your issue.

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