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RP/Fan Fiction links/advice?


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First before I get to the topic title, I just want to apologize for all the ideas. I was trying to come up with ideas for my characters. I really hope I didn't offend to anyone. I do love FFXIV and its lore. I just wanted to say I am sorry.



Ok, to the main topic. Anyone have links or advice to someone who is going to start over with ideas? I've been struggling to write for years, little stories here in there. I do want to RP (I've started my linkshell on Faerie) We've got 10 members now and some are beginners and I want to come up with an RP that is good to begin on. I appreciate the help from everyone and again I apologize and hope I've not offended anyone.

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By its nature, roleplaying in a game environment is most assuredly fanfiction. That's a pretty catch-all term, so really it comes down to what you mean by starting over?


Are you wanting to cast your FC as the main heroes? That works if you want it to; instead of the One True Hero you get a cast of them, similar to conventional FF titles. Do you just want to share in the world? That works fine, too, even if it requires a little more effort from the "Dungeon Master" role to keep plots and things moving along.


If you give us a little more insight into what you're looking to do, someone here can likely provide support for it. Roleplay is pretty malleable.

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