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Hi! I am kind of new to RP and MMO's in general and wanted to announce myself. Benjamin C. Talos, the galka taru-eater ROEGADYN wonder and I am hungry! I have read up on some of the linkshells that are out there but have not really settled on anything in particular or I may not be affiliated with any one yet. We will see what happens. I am still figuring out what kind of fellow Benny will be. I just wanted to say hello and hide your lalafells!





I do not really eat lalafells.


Really! I eat normal things instead, like bacon!



* No lalafells were harmed in the making of this introduction.

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Thank you for the welcome!


Is there much role-play happening outside of any of the specific linkshells? I had hoped to sample a bit before aligning myself with any particular guild or guilds.


I see that there is an event on the schedule but I am not sure I will be able to be in attendance for that which is too bad because I imagine there would be a lot of lalafells BACON!


For impromptu gatherings it was suggested to me that I check out Amajina and Sons Mineral Concern along with a few of the linkshells' designated headquarter locations but thus far I have not seem to have found much activity. But then I figured maybe everyone was out waltzing with the bombs last night anyway.


I will keep an eye out though, and I will probably be around Ul'dah. I seem to have been spending a lot of time at Camp Horizon trading in these leve cards for the opportunity to crush various things with my axe - but not lalafells so do not worry! Oh, some of them were lalafells. But they were the bad kind, I promise!

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Splendid! I have made note of the names and will make it a point to keep an eye both eyes out as I make my way through the hustle and bustle of the city-state.


I have been giving more and more thought what kind of a roegadyn I will be. When I stay in-character, Ben may not be the most friendly sort. But I am! So I just wanted to explain that part up front.


I am still looking to fill in back-story too. But he has quite a few interesting little nuances in-character already! :twisted:

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Distinguishing IC from OOC is easy. In game, we use brackets to say we're OOC [like so] ((or so)). Backstage is a pearl for strictly OOC use, so no brackets necessary. :P



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