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Looking for test subjects!


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Ahoy. Going to give a quick tl;dr before elaborating.



tl;dr - Looking for test subjects (preferably male and preferably Lalafell/Miqo'te) for potentially life threatening yet revolutionary scientific experiments. Lucrative pay will be provided in exchange for time given.


The following information can be seen posted on fliers in each of the cities adventurers guilds on the notice boards.





After recently losing his workshop and the large majority of his research and notes along with it the aetheric engineer, Master Kraz Axrial, has had to start from scratch again. This means he needs a new batch of willing test subjects for him to experiment upon so he can begin cataloguing his results once more.


Potential applicants (Male Lalafell/Miqo'te preferred due to genetic and aetheric makeup) must be aware that this research is dangerous - There is a very real chance that you will return from it changed, or not return at all. With that warning issued payment will be generous and you will also have the knowledge that you are potentially making the world a much better and greater place where life remains abundant.


The aim of this research is to see the feasibility and potential possibility of entrapping a soul and transferring it to another mechanical vessel on a permanent basis, thus providing a means of biomechanical immortality. If this research proves to be successful then it would revolutionise our society like never before! Loved ones would never have to leave us! The terminally ill would get a second chance at life! Warfare would be forever changed with soldiers that never need to be fatigued or need to eat!


Get in contact now to be on the forefront of revolutionary science and aetheric research!


At the bottom of the flier is some general contact information for Kraz





Some general OOC information


- While this research is dangerous it's totally up to you what ailments, if any, you want your character to suffer from due to the experimentation. I'm not going to force anyone into being maimed or wounded.

- Death is an avenue that can be explored if you so desire it. Though again this is at your discretion.

- This RP is going to be more one on one and focus on more mature and darker themes (and likely having your character being nude while being jabbed with needles) with more uninhibited morals, if this shall bother you please do not apply!

- If you're interested either leave a message in this thread, PM me on here or try to get in touch with me in-game if I'm online.

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I do not RP a lala or a miqo'te so I wish you luck.

However, if you want to RP nerding about aether sometime, please feel free to contact me!!  Ashe is a dick but he's an aether nerd too...his research is mostly in reviving Allagan technologies, but is very interested in aether flows and kind of blew his eye out with his research (He had Aether sight before it was canon >>>)


wish you tons of luck ('cause none of my characters fit the lala/miqo bill) and would love to RP something in the future!

Yay for science!

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