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Seeking Merc/Adventuring FC


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Well this is rather self-explanatory, but I've taken to retiring from my last FC (Stay lovely and Sexy Cerberus), but at this point I'm currently searching for a Mercenary/Adventuring FC,

As described in my sig, Valirelia is an Auri rogue with a slight drinking problem, a sarcastic streak, and is known to turn to violence.


now, while I do RP, though not as much as I used to, I also PvE, and I would be one to require an Ample PvE presence

so please, FC leaders, Officers, Seduce me

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Ello Val!


The Wayfarers are starting to recruit though we are just getting off the ground. We have several already in the company who enjoy PvE and will always welcome another into groups, and our tavern could use a pretty bartender. Our page is still a WIP, but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.


Furthermore, if you are looking for any new RP we'd be happy to meet you regardless if you join or not. : )


Take care!

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Pathfinders is always looking for new recruits! We have at least two FC events a month, one being our monthly tavern night and the other being our monthly FC adventure. That isn't to say there won't be more, though! One of our members is arranging a bonfire event to help FC mates connect more and I'll be looking to host some IC dungeon runs now that my HW binge is (mostly) overwith. You can contact me IG or on here, whicever you prefer. The GMs listed on our thread will also be happy to help. Even if you don't join our ranks, feel free to stop by the tavern for a drink. We'd love to have your company \o/
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