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AoE Gear Giveaway!

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A letter has been handed out with explanations through the streets of Ul'dah as well as posted on most bulletin and market boards in the area.



Eager to begin putting your training to the test but lack the funds to gather the gear to do so safely? Know a family that is still struggling to clothe or feed themselves?


In an effort to give back to and engage the community we work with, the Arbiters of Eorzea  free company is hosting a clothing and gear give away to benefit those trying to make a name for themselves in the world.


In a fortnight's time at the fourteeth bell, our company will be gathering at the Gate of Thal to begin the distribution of goods to those in need. A hot meal will be also be provided also.


Our crafters, gatherers, and adventurers have been working tirelessly to amass donations and high quality equipment to suit anyone's needs. If you or anyone you know can benefit from this we look forward to seeing you there.


If there is a specific request you have, please send word to our offices in the Goblet's first ward, plot 22.


For the sake of reaching everyone in need donations will be limited to one set of gear per person, please.


((Event Date: October 18 @ 2pm CST))






OOC information:


Hello! We're looking to give things away and RP while doing it!


On Sunday October 18th at 2pm CST we'll be gathering at the Gate of Thal too give away some gear and some foodstuffs!



We'll be giving away high quality gear of level 15 and below for any class. If this event is successful and there is a want for another future events will likely include higher level ranges.



Level 5 DOW

Level 5 DOM

Level 5 DOH

Level 5 DOL


Level 15 Tank

Level 15 DOW

Level 15 DOM

Level 15 DOH

Level 15 DOL


While we'll have mats on us to craft sets then and there, we'd like to be as ready as possible! If you would like to receive a set at the event, please respond to this post with the set you'd like so I can be sure we'll be prepared!

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Reina, are there any materials you guys could use for this? I have some spares and I'd like to contribute if possible. Shoot me a PM if you'd like!


Thank you! It's greatly appreciated! Right now we have quite a few materials waiting to be turned into sets as well as a few plundered sets from the first three dungeons. So for now it's a surplus, but if we can keep this offer open for a future event I'd be happy to grab up your supplies! 



This is such an awesome, and kind gesture. I hope you guys get a nice turn out! :)


So do we! Hopefully someone has need for this gear! We'd love to fill some orders! Alts need gear, anyone? Baby crafters or gatherers? huh, huh?


This is awesome of you all!

I currently have all I need, but thanks all the same!


Thanks! ^_^ We're looking forward to seeing what comes of this!

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