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So I'm getting back into roleplay after not doing it for a few years and this is my first time roleplaying in a MMO. I have no idea how to get started really or how I could go about making profiles for the Wiki. I won't need the basics of roleplay (by that I mean the guidelines, the dos/donts, etc).


I suppose I'm just looking for tips on getting my character's profile written and how to start actually roleplaying here. I know the majority of the lore and whatnot just not like, super small details.


Last thing, I'm also just looking for light roleplay (with a small mix of heavy it depends) for now until I get back into the swing of things!


Thanks for any help y'all can offer.

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Honestly I just write out my characters background, what I have in mind for them and then post the concept here on the forums and be open to advice about it.


I actually have just done this today regarding my new Ishgard character.

Had someone take a look at it and they let me know what was off with it, what was okay but needed fleshing out, etc.

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I can try to offer help on getting a wiki or profile started. ^^ I'm normally easy to get in touch with if you feel like bouncing ideas  to get your thoughts straight. 


As far as tips on how to start roleplaying here.. Depends really. You can really start with a character journal if you want to further sorting your ic thoughts and how your character speaks or acts. Or you can just jump right into the community. There are a few so called hot spots around the map. 


I have found it is sometimes easier to just get in touch with someone and sort of set up a meet up or a chance encounter and go from there. ^^ Get your feet wet a bit.

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