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In each of the three main city's Inns along with one in the Miners' Guild a new poster has been placed up with all the others. If it catches your eye, and you stop to read it you'll see it contains information about a fresh new Blacksmith who is looking to get his name out there.



  • Need a new weapon to fight in the Bloodsands with? Ask the innkeeper for a copy of the flyer.


  • Had a weapon but it's been damaged? Maybe you want to reforge it to use as decoration? Ask the innkeeper for a flyer. (V'tehn doesn't suggest reforging with intent to use in combat.)


  • Hunting some of Eorzea's most deadly creatures? You know what to do!


  • Going on a long adventure and need a traveling smithy to help you keep your gear in tip top shape? Do I have to tell you what to do by this point?


  •  Looking for someone to forge you a new weapon (guns included) but don't want to wait or pay ridiculous prices for a masters craft? Contact V'tehn by taking a flyer and following the instructions.


  • Looking for more goods to sell in your shop? Toss some gil my way and make sure my name gets around and I'll pound you out whatever is is you're looking to sell.


  • Last but certainly not least: Do you worship the fashion or armor of yesteryear? Maybe instead you dig up old ruins and find tattered old artifacts and relics of old? I(V'tehn) can take a crack at restoring those items for common use. Or crafting a look a like! *


IC Instructions: Contact V'tehn by moogle mail or leave word with one of the Innkeepers or the Miner Guildmaster. Word will get to V'tehn the next time he stops in to have a drink, or acquire some more ore.

OOC Instructions: Post in this thread, contact me ingame under the name Miscreant Vagabond, or direct message me on RPC. The services offered are IC only, and while I do have my crafts up to 2* I don't normally take crafting commissions. If we get going and hit it off and randomly you ask I might do a craft for you (your mats!), but I wouldn't expect it or talk to me just so I'll craft you pretty things.


Side Note (*): With the addition of the airship explorations there is a chance we'll be getting dye-able older raid gear (in look). This is a fun way for your character to be wearing that High Allagan Tanking Coat you've always wanted them to wear, and have a semi-valid reason for doing so! It's not a real relic of old, it's a recreation or something. If this doesn't fit your idea of lore or something like that, feel free to ignore that part of the flyer and this post.





I'm coming back from a very long RP break and want to find some RP contacts, or Linkshells I can do some RP with. I'm around most days, even if I'm not on the game at that moment. I'm not opposed to Forum or Skype RP if you/I can't be ingame for any reason. As for the RP I'm looking for, well any really. I don't mind short term, long term, mature, light, just two people at the bar, all of that works so long as I'm not busy with other things. I do raid WED/THUR 8-11pm EST so during those times I'm unavailable, and also one day a week I play Pathfinder with my friends but the times and days we play changes weekly so I might be gone off doing that too.

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