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I am very new to Final Fantasy 14 (and Final Fantasy in general), and to RP. I played for a little bit a while ago but am really now just starting to get into it. So far my highest class is 35. My main focus for adventuring is being a healer but I also very much like crafting.


I was thinking to start to look for a FC. I was hoping to maybe find one kind of on the smaller side I could possibly grow with and who wouldn't mind having someone new to everything. Probably by now it would be hard to find one who is doing stuff way back at my level but that would be nice too. It would be nice to get into RP but probably nothing too deep right at first, something more social and lighthearted/fun to start.


If you have any advice for me that would be awesome! You could reach me here or in game as Mairead Winterblue.

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An honest-to-God newbie? That's fantastic! I'm glad you're enjoying the game so far; There's a lot to occupy your attention on the way up and it expands a bit once you hit the level cap and chew through the story.


I know there are some FCs that are regularly recruiting players and I've seen shouts for a few that are looking to remain on the smaller side, but I... can't remember any of their names so far. Very helpful, I know. If you're looking for some light-hearted social stuff, though, consider clicking on the Calendar tab in the banner section of this page. There's a lot of regular events centered on just hanging out and mingling, and I'm sure something there will strike your fancy.

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Hey there, welcome to the RPC! :) Good luck finding an FC! I don't know of any that are particularly newbie-populated or running through low level content, but if you join an active and friendly FC I'm sure the people there will have no problem helping you with anything you need.

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Hey there, and welcome! If you're still having trouble finding an RP FC, especially a small one with other members in the same boat as you, I'd recommend Arbiters of Eorzea. They are roughly 30 members, kind, goof-bally (mostly my fault), and very helpful. Also very lore-centric. Their information is in the Linkshell Hall, but to save some time, you can go here!


If it doesn't sound like your cup of tea, however, there are still plenty of FCs listed in the Linkshell Hall. Most are even very friendly and helpful! Good luck and see you in game!

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