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New and seeking a FC!

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Hello! I'm new to the Balmung server and new to roleplaying and I'm trying to find a FC for me. I'm sort of looking for heavy roleplay though I'd also like to knock out a lot of leveling/questing in my off time so I can access all areas without issue. I'm currently only at lvl 15 and very much a new egg.


My character is a hyur raised by roegadyn; a bit of a mischief-maker but has good somewhere deep in his heart. He's a bit of a liar or rather someone who tends to exaggerate a lot to help make himself seem important and can't help stealing food to help feed into his secret culinary hobby that's slowly building. Originally from Limsa, I'm looking to have him expand and seek new horizons on a search for a purpose or perhaps a mission to find out who his real parents may be.


Update: I've found an FC! Thought I'd still very much like to find some LS to join in on as well as any friends who can help get me into the RP world. \o/

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Since you are so open to what type of RP you are looking for I don't really have much a pitch to throw you.


But! If you are interested in meeting a few people whom you might be able to call friend and make connections for further down the line then stop by Wayfarer's Rest and visit us. We love meeting new players to the server. :)


Good luck and take care!


Wayfarers of Eorzea

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Figure I'd throw a little post here too! A few friends and I are building a Free Company of monster hunters and the sort, and having a cook around seems like it'd be pretty awesome! I'd consider us medium to heavy RP'ers with a vast interest in PvE content, as well as out-of-game things such as speedrunning old RPG's(See: Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG, etc). While very small, we're all good friends and it definitely adds to the environment. Even if you choose another company though, I'd like to extend the offer to meet Mhaya! She enjoys cooking and wouldn't mind having another friend to chat with about it!

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I'll throw my FC into the ring while I'm at it: http://coralsea.enjin.com


The Coral Sea is a rag-tag bunch with offices in Limsa and a house in Mist. If there's good in your character's heart he might be a good fit. It's only unrepentant, never gonna change, laugh while shanking em criminal types that don't really work in our ranks.


We also have a kitchen that somehow remains stocked in spite of constantly being raided by members and guests.

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