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Hello everyone! I have some questions before starting out.


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Hi, I'm new here, both to this forum and roleplaying.  


Unfortunately I'm on Excalibur, and not in any position to transfer to Balmung/Gilgamesh. Looking at the various communities I'm not sure I'll be roleplaying much in game unless I find a linkshell that does so on Excalibur.


What did bring me here is the creative writing aspect. How to develop and write characters in a better manner.  While I've played with ideas of developing a backstory for Kallera, I haven't solidified them yet into a full fledged character with a personality to write with.


If im using the site wrong or perhaps should look for other resources for what im looking for, do let me know.

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Hello there and welcome to the RPC!


The site is here for FFXIV Roleplayers of ALL servers in the game, even if a vast majority of the users here are on Balmung and Gilgamesh.


There have been a handful of cross-server forum RP, and if that's your style, I'd recommend the Town Square forum for In-Character posts.


Got a questions on how to set up a RP character, or have questions about your character in specific? Head over to the Character Workshop forum for exactly that!


Questions on how to RP a given idea? Want some user input on RPing something in a particular way? RP Discussion is the place to go.


Questions on Lore? Wondering about an aspect of the game? FFXIV Discussion is where it's at!




If you search around those, you'll see that quite a few of the above sections can accommodate similar topics. Lore posts can end up in the Character Workshop and RP Discussion as needed, etc.


There is one archived RP Linkshell from Excalibur, which I've linked below. We aren't sure if these players are still active or not, however.



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