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Anyone playing Halo 5?

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I've been obsessed with the series since it first came out. I own all the games and books, and even participated in the B.Net forums up until they went down. Oh, nostalgia. I definitely bought Halo 5 and I've been throwing a lot of my time into it. Damn it's such a good game. I love it.

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I hope they don't repeat the style of the campaign they did for Halo 5, it felt too jumbled and too full of gaps to mean anything. I hope they go back to playing solely as the chief, Locke is a great character and all, but he's the human version of the arbiter, he's not really intended to be the main protagonist. In terms of the campaign's content, like I said it felt really jumbled up and I was left with so many more questions than I could even count. The first level alone ticked me off with the ending of it


The multiplayer needs some serious additions if Halo 5 is going to survive. The content is merely slayer/Breakout and Warzone. They need Big Team Battle, Action Sack, Infection, and Objective ALONG WITH Forge and File Share. They need to get their community to have fun together, otherwise it's just turning the game on to repeat the same boring gametypes with the same boring results. There's no real variety, and I feel that if Forge and more gametypes get introduced, Halo 5 will do as good as Halo 4 did.

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I can see what you mean, and yeah Forge'll be coming in December. HOWEVER what good will it do if you can't have a good file share to circulate these map variants, films, and screenshots? Hell you can't even take pictures or movies in theater mode, what point does theater mode have right now?

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Gah, I'm a big fan of Halo, so it makes me extra sad I can't play Halo 5...


Anyway! I took a glance at the story, and more importantly, at the end. My opinion is...



Uhhh, hammy, a bit? Feels a bit forced to have Cortana ending up as a villain, even after her sacrifice in Halo 4. Yet, who knows, 343 might pull it off. Honestly, not quite a fan of the Halo universe after 343 took over. I feel they added too many unnecessary and somewhat forced stuff. ONI went from shady to almost blatantly evil. Forerunners being former enemies of humanity. Blah blah. My opinion though, anyway.


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Although Leanne, it was hinted at before 343 took over that ancient humans were enemies of the Forerunners. I love that they are expanding on that, but even if that's revealed, the characters now don't seem to even notice it's being said.


Then again in Halo 3 when Spark said "YOU ARE. FORERUNNER." that REALLY threw me off because I thought he meant that humans were descendants of the forerunners.

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Oh it makes sense I just don't like it. xD


That's fair, then. It definitely was one of those "awww, man..." moments, but as I said, from a lore perspective it makes sense.



After all, Cortana had reached the point where she was literally shredding her brain with every passing second. I kinda liken it to having Alzheimer's, but being completely aware of it the entire time. And then after all that she got into the Domain, the sum complete total of every piece of knowledge the Forerunners ever had. Things Man Were Not Meant to Know, and all. It can't be good for the psyche to suddenly become nigh-omniscient. Or whatever omni- means suddenly you have all the knowledge in the universe. In fact, her story is only a little different than that of Xande himself, having stared into the abyss beyond death and come back a little off for it.



As for when Spark said that line to us at the end of Halo 3, he'd gone way off the deep end at the time so I consider everything he said to be suspect from the moment he zotted Johnson. And as Melphina said, a couple of the terminals on the Ark made allusion of the Human-Forerunner War.

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