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Ready and willing


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Hello one and all,


First of all i'd like to introduce myself. The name i choose to go by is Sjach Ixen Miirik. However a lot of folk that come to know me Sjach or Sj for short because the former can be quite the mouthful, haha. Anyways i have been roleplaying for a number of years now, Sjach is the name of my oc so i pretty much use it for all my characters when i can. Damn it getting side tracked already..


Anyways i have been rping for a number of years now and always interested in new and different experiences to expand my horizons. Now to note my spelling isn't the greatest and i feel if you understand the context of what the person is saying then it should be no problem right? Well sometimes people go and get all that grammar and spelling shit and to be honest i'm doing my best and spelling has never been my forte.


I've played Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, many many games. In fact i still ower a lot of games i haven't beaten yet. Anyways back to the point. Just got a character on Balmung with the help of someone who informed me of something. I look forward to my time here on your world and hopefully get to meet lots of new people.


Rasvim Irthos is my elezen, considering i already have a couple of au ra and a miqo'te on other servers so i figured mix it up a bit and stuff. Hopefully i have some time to get into some meaningful rps and meet more wonderful people. Nothing can go wrong right?:geek:


Anyways catch you lot on the flip side.

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So glad to see that you made it! I, obviously, will be around to RP with you, hehe. Here's to our new start! *Glass clinking commences*

 Well clearly, wouldn't be much of a party otherwise now would it? *Clinks glass* still its gonna be a balancing act, only if there were more of me..

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