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Full Cold Moon // Dalamud's Wrath


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((Ominous music to set the mood just 'cuz xD ))





OOC Details:

[spoil]When: October 28th, 7pm EST. Event to last into the night, though the action will begin around 8:30pm EST.

Where: Falcon's Nest hamlet in Coerthas (Camp Riversmeet is closest camp). This location is OOC only. IC'ly, it will be utilized as an instanced type of area--a private piece of property of House Felstar's.

What: What will start as an elegant gala meant to unite adventurers and scholars for prayer and/or brainstorming for the coming Garlean threat will take a deadly turn as a two-prong disaster strikes the gathering area midway through the event. These disasters will be a fun way for us to RP at least some of the 7th Umbral Era content in game. It can also help set the stage for whatever you plan for your characters to do prior to the November server shut down. Perhaps the disasters/loss of life at this event will further solidify one's plans to fight in whatever battle SE is planning. Or perhaps the event will further solidify one's plans to run away from the coming battle and not look back.


The event will leave a tremendous amount of freedom for characters to do as they wish and not force any particular ending on anyone. Character reactions and interactions will be the absolute center focus of everything. This event will likely serve as a catalyst for some people starting to get separated as well (some pearls may get destroyed/lost in the chaos if people so choose, etc).


To sum up, this event will be meant to serve as the "beginning of the end" and should be loads of fun for all who decide to attend. Look forward to our last IC days together as the apocalypse draws near![/spoil]

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Most of the details are hammered out. The IC flier will be up in about a week or so most likely. Like the last Full Cold Moon ball that happened sooo long ago, we'll need some chefs, guards, and bards to volunteer to help. Time-wise, it'll likely be around 7ish pm EST for the start. The only thing lacking is a location. I've been back and forth on it and can't come to a decision. Still being over a month away, I'm not too worried about that though. However, any ideas would be appreciated ^^.


Due to the nature of the event, I've come to the conclusion that hosting the gala inside a city would probably be a bad idea. With destruction coming to the event, it would be difficult to RP destroying an entire section of a city. There's no telling what SE has planned for the city-states so instead I'm aiming to host the event somewhere in the outside field. I've considered one of the Vigils in Coerthas, but there are level 45+ mobs way too close to all of them and could cause a lot of interruptions to RP. I've also considered the little clearing next to Moonshire Grove in the Shroud (where the decorated stage is located), but the stage isn't even accessible and there's nothing really special about the place aside from the closed off stage xD. I've also considered using a hamlet for the site but that would require reigning down IC destruction on said hamlet. And while a better alternative than a city-state, it's still a little risky to go that route lore-wise.

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Coerthas is defiantly a good place to start, there are a few out of the way areas that after sneaking through the lvl45 mobs (which would just take coordination) that we could chill. The hamlets are one of those. Owls Nest/Falcons Nest being good ones. I'll take a ride around and see if I can find anything else good.


Actually thinking about it, it would be a super convenient thing for me to have Deir there as a bard, as she has taken up the harp as a trade. Better than killing for gil, which she is in no condition to do.

Sign me up OOCly and I'll take care of the rest ;D

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Just seeking a little clarification. I know this has been described as the 'beginning of the end', but is there any expectation that the end of this event will mark the end of RP for 1.0? I had somewhat different plans for that but might be willing to make some adjustments. I also know it's a few days prior to the 11/1 "end" of things. While I'm playing a lot of things by ear, my understanding is that those of us who are undergoing the whole "being timewarped" thing likely need to be in Mor Dhona in those final moments, and I've finally figured out a pretty good reason why Eva might wind up there - because for all intents and purposes that should be the last place she'd be going. lol


Anyway, just trying to make sure all my ducks dodos are in a row. :D

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This event shouldn't have any direct impact on individual plans for characters. If anything, it'll possibly reinforce one's plans if they so choose to. That said, I do know that this event will be the last appearance of numerous characters (myself included most likely) until 2.0. But if people still have other plans, this event won't impact those plans much at all.

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Bump to remind everyone that this is in less than 2 weeks!


I have some volunteers to perform as bards and whatnot, but still have no volunteers for cooks or guards. Cooks can be done without I suppose and we can just pretend there's lots of food there or whatever. Guards however...well, this is one event where they'll likely do more than just stand around. Remember that a lot of tensions exist between some of the current characters and there's likely to be some scuffles when they finally come face-to-face at this event. And then we can't forget about the actual action that comes after the mingling :twisted:


I'd also appreciate it if someone was able to create a music live stream for the event. This stream will not of course include the individual performances of some characters but there's bound to be NPC bands playing music throughout the event and I'm not really experienced in creating such streams.


More updates to come in time!

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Hai guys! This is literally one week (7 days at the time of this post) away! So here are some pre-event notes to keep in mind for the event.


--IC fliers in the OP are posted at bulletin boards throughout the city-states (such as in the Adventurer's Guild). That should go without saying but I had some people ask about that so I figured I'd at least say so here.


--Location is OOCly at Falcon's Nest south of Camp Riversmeet. IC, however, it is NOT the hamlet itself (in order to safeguard SE lore when havoc is wreaked). It is being treated as an instanced area NEAR the hamlet and is private property of House Felstar. The journey to the location is semi-dangerous (level 45ish mobs) so be cautious and/or travel in groups.


--Upon arrival, please assume that a lot of NPC adventurers are present at the event as well. Feel free to use any of these NPCs as you wish throughout the event. It is also safe to assume that some of them are likely Garlean spies in disguise ^.~


--At the site is a circle of crystalline statues of the Twelve. The color of the crystal for each deity will be that of the elemental color they are. For example, Nald'Thal is of the fire element and his crystal statue will thus be red. The statues are a tad taller than the tallest roegadyn.


--Please avoid God mode tactics during this event. There will be "fighting" involved, though your character certainly doesn't have to be involved in the said fighting since there will be plenty of hardy adventurers present to do so. Do not use super mega spells to wipe out entire mobs of enemies. Try to be "realistic," especially considering our characters are bound to be weakened after the first disaster.


--Following the catalyst for the action, teleportation will not be possible in the immediate event area. This will be explained ICly at the appropriate time.


--There will be a total of FOUR threats we'll be facing down, the first of which will serve the catalyst for the following three. So there will be tons of non-stop action. They're all going to pretty much be piled on top of each other almost simultaneously and largely be connected to current events in game. Prior to this will be about 60-90 minutes of mingling, the prayer session, and a brief 'vote' for best dressed male and female.


--You will have a choice between three paths in the event. You can either stick through the entire event with the "escape group" or you can opt to be teleported to a random location to RP your own stuff out after a certain point (will be announced on Backstage). Alternatively, you can attempt to "escape" on your own via a route different than the group's, though this path will likely only work if you have your own individual plans for the event.

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Public reminder: This is tomorrow!!! Please be sure to read the OP and the pre-event notes I posted above this post to help set the scene. Please note, I will /ask/ that all attendees take a Backstage pearl at least for the duration of the event. Should you wish to drop the pearl afterward, that's completely up to you. But I will need to give some OOC communication at times and this is the best way to do so. If you do not have or do not take the pearl, that is also your choice. But communication will be difficult, as I'm not going to send tons of tells to repeat myself. On this same note, I /ask/ that OOC chatter over the pearl be kept to a minimum if possible. With the spam of /say chat, nobody is going to want to see an additional spam of /ls chat.


The event area will be large enough for people to split up as needed to avoid too much /say congestion. The first 90 minutes or so will be largely mingling (along with a prayer session and "performances). There will be a live stream for music during the event, as there is ICly an orchestra there.


I will be unavailable in game until about an hour prior to the event (work FTL).

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Thanks to everyone who came out! The event was a huuuge success. Also thanks to Deir for handling the live stream for music and thanks to Eva for handling the prayer session. And thanks to everyone else who helped make this event so smooth, despite the walls of texts everywhere. You all rocked!


If anyone has any pictures/text logs/etc, don't hesitate to post them. Here's to more awesome RP in A Realm Reborn!

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