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Devotion for a small sum of money!

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"We have a contract, then. You shall have your money's worth."

Need a skilled assassin? A spy? A bodyguard? Your personal sidekick, servant, and/or dragon?

Then look no further than Ume Kogane, a Doman shinobi who decided to put her skills to use as a sellsword and mercenary.

She will be completely devoted to you, she will be your eyes and ears... as long as you pay her enough, that is.

She can do one-off jobs, like killing a specific person, but I'm personally looking for long-term jobs, because... well, it's probably more RP than just a single job.

She will work for anyone, as long as you have the coin, unless:

1) You're Garlean or allied to Garlemald. She hates them, like every Doman ever.

2) She risks dying. All the coin of Eorzea wouldn't make up for a premature death.

That being said, uh... contact me, I guess? As of this post, patch 3.1 is coming and I need to do the new content in my main, but when I'm done with that, I'll be ready for RP.

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