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Hello Roleplayers!


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Hello folks!

I am new to ffxiv and joined mostly for the roleplay, you find me on Balmung.

I'm a social guy from Sweden with lots of delightful energy, always close to laughter and get easily in contact with new people.


I've been roleplaying mostly on World of warcraft before, and looking for anyone that are willing to write to me, I do not know anyone on balmung at the moment, so feel free to add me! I am looking forward to roleplay with you.


Elairion Mooneyes




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I'll be sure to send you an add, future friend. Welcome to the RPC and all of the fun it holds!


Lovely, can't wait! 


Welcome! Another convert from WoW. Enjoy the better graphics and throw me a friend request on Leoric Blackdale sometime and we can RP!


I sure will!

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Huzzah for more WoW refugees! Welcome to Final Fantasy! I'm also a newbie to the RP scene (been in the game for a bit though,) but it's been fantastic since joining this community. You'll have a blast and like many others have said, if you need anything or want a friend, feel free to give me a poke! Name is C'laihn Venator in game.


I hope you have fun!

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