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I Came Back!


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Just wanted to pop onto here and say hello...again! I used to play on and off going on two years now both in the role play community and just the game itself, though this time I really hope I can get super into it now that I have a lot more time and tried to up my writing in terms of skill. 


A few of you guys might know me as an artist who used to lurk around doing work for some people about a year ago. I still do that, and miss being able to draw FFXIV characters cause they are loads of fun. Here's to hopefully meeting up with you guys again in game! I'll be sure to start on Roo's new profile and reall get all the details down as well as re-learn (or really learn in general) a huge amount of lore. Since I'm restarting fully with a new character it will take me a bit to catch up to everyone else game play wise but I don't mind taking breaks just to hang out, feel free to drop me a line in game under Rooen O’ Luingeoblige. 

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