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Dancing Cat Boy Looking for RP

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So, I'm a total noob at RP (I've RPed on forums many years ago but now it's just a distant memory and I'm so rusty...orz) but I was wondering if there was someone who would be patient enough to RP with me. RPing in an MMO is new to me but I'd love to give it a go!


About Nheu'a Amariyo

Nheu'a is a 28 year old Miqo'te Keeper. He was born and raised by his mother in the Black Shroud along with his three older sisters. His mother is a Huntress and his father was a Elezen Conjurer.


He left the Black Shroud when he turned eighteen to find a career in Ul'dah, where he started off working at a bar. Through his connections at the bar he landed a job as a dancer. The job isn't the best paying but he enjoys what he does immensely and every now and then the customers aren't just creepy middle aged men.


Knowing he has a skill in magic (thanks to his father) he has made the decision to pursue thaumaturgry to hone his skills and earn extra money.


Nheu'a has a very keen sense of justice but is torn between the possibility of becoming a Black Mage or a Summoner.


I'm still trying to explore and expand his character, so he is a work in progress. Any constructive criticisms are welcome.


(I may or may not be a little bit drunk whilst typing this. >_> To be honest though I think it has given me enough courage to post this.)

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