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Hi, I am new to the forums and to roleplay


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hello, my name is Daias and i am new here aswell as new as roleplaying, well not exactly new at roleplay, I had some experience roleplaying in chats and forums but i never roleplayed in ff xiv and i want to experience and form part of the roleplaying world aswell as learning about it. 

I made a character on Balmung today when Balmung was open for some time. 

My IGN is Sannan Irvick.


I apologize if my English is bad, English isn't my native language.

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Hi there! Welcome to the RPC, FFXIV, and Balmung (although we're open to all servers).


If you need any help with resources on the forums or wiki, feel free to ask any time.


Forum RP is done in Town Square, with written IC advertisements/newspostings in Tonberry's Lantern.


Then we've got our other resources and discussion boards for various aspects, such as FFXIV for gameplay/story/lore, RP Discussion for tips on RPing a concept, and Character Workshop, for building and refining characters.


Hope to see you enjoying your time here.

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Welcome to the RPC, and welcome to Balmung!


I'd say the best thing you could do to get started is to just try to meet people in-game and engage in some casual RP. The Quicksand in Ul'dah is a good place for that! You could also look at upcoming RP events to see if anything sounds interesting. The biggest problems with both of those are that there can be a lot of people around which can make for a lot of simultaneous chatting: especially for a non-native speaker it may be hard to keep up.

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