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Gold & Glory Hunter's Guild


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Hunter in search of worthy prey and worthy pay?

Explorer waiting for the next set of ruins to delve into?

Have a tendency to hear or see things in the street you shouldn't?

Healer looking for a steady stream of wounds to mend?


Gold & Glory Hunter's Guild

is now open for recruitment


If you think you have what it takes to live by our motto...




...then come down to the lair of the beast:


The Bountiful Chest Tavern




Ask for Red.




[align=center]Recently, these fliers have begun to pop up in taverns and adventurer's guilds all across Eorzea,

from the sun-baked sands of Thanalan to the frost-kissed hills of Coerthas.


Though the parchment paper seems to be worn, the heavy, bold ink

leaves little doubt that someone spent a small fortune getting this message out there...[/align]


[align=center]WILL YOU ANSWER THE CALL TO THE HUNT?[/align]

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[align=center][The Gold & Glory Newsletter][/align]

[align=center]T A K I N G . T H E . F I R S T . S T E P[/align]


[align=center]Week of... Dec. 13th - 19th, 2015.[/align]




[align=justify]Hey guys! This is the first official newsletter that I'm posting up for the newly (re)launched FC, Gold & Glory Hunter's Guild! My aim right now is to post an update like this one a week or, at the very least, once a month. It's just a good way to let everyone know what we're up to!


Seeing as we're still freshly re-opened, there's not been much of a chance for anything major to happen just yet. But with that being said, it does give me a chance to talk a little bit more about us, for those interested!





We're a small company with big aspirations.

Right now, has a small handful of members, but we're actively growing! We already have a few recruitments in the works, and we're eager to get more so that we can grow our pool of RPers enough to set all of our Big Plans™ in motion. But what are said Big Plans™? Well, funny you ask..



We'll be running regular events every week -- of all different flavors!

Do you like extensive, intricate plotlines that involve the entire company and span over the course of several different sessions, challenging your and everyone else's characters and resulting in delicious development? Or maybe you like events that involve smaller groups and last for shorter amounts of time? What if you have your own idea for a plot or event that you want to run, but you just need to bodies to carry it out?


We plan to have all of those, and more! Once Gold & Glory gets its sea legs (and the holidays that keep everyone busy have passed!), we will be moving full steam ahead towards getting our calendar loaded up with events of all different types to keep people's RP flowing and the FC moving forward as a whole! Large scale, small scale, oneshot, personal, public, IC dungeon runs.. You name it, we're going to try to make it happen!



No, really, we're super excited about starting our Community RP events.

As soon as we've got the membership numbers to make it happen, will be hosting weekly public RP nights, alternating between a Tavern Night and a Fight Night each week. These will -- naturally! -- be open to the public, so that everyone in the RP community can enjoy themselves.


Each of these events is going to have its own special flare, to keep them somewhat different from other existing events of this nature! In addition, we're planning on holding other community events on a semi-regular basis, such as Bazaars and Auctions to sell off the treasures we've found and the goods that we've made during our other events.


All this to say, we're just as excited about engaging with the community as a whole as we are about getting our own inter-FC storylines going!



We're very much looking to recruit additional Event Planners / DMs!

With all these lofty goals, we need people to help us make them a reality. Those people would be our Event Planners and DMs / GMs. This is a special rank in our FC, reserved for people who really enjoy putting things like events and formulating storylines for their fellow FC mates. They work closely with the rest of the Leadership to make these plots happen, and -- simply put -- the FC can't thrive without them!


So if you're the type of person who enjoys organizing events and/or brainstorming plots and the like, we would absolutely love to hear from you! People with experience and/or interest in DMing / GMing FC events are also very much sought after. Previous experience isn't necessary, just a willingness to learn and ability to work as a team!





If that sounds like something that interests you and you're in the market for an FC -- or if you aren't, but you want to establish some RP connections anyway! -- then feel free to check out our website. It has a wealth of information about us, including OOC details about how the FC works, and IC details about both the Guild and the Bountiful Chest Tavern.


We also have our official FC Tumblr, for those of you so inclined to follow. We'll be posting up a little bit of everything there: notices for upcoming events, screenshots, RP / event write-ups, reblogs of other members' FC-related content, and so on!


And as always, if you have any questions at all, feel free to contact Jaliqai Qulaan or Ryssmyna Syvinmhaswyn! We'll be more than happy to answer any questions you throw our way![/align]

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I've been looking for something like this for ages, but I recently came into ownership of a free company house with friends so I'm not in a position to leave. Do you have a linkshell by chance?


We do! We have an IC/OOC LS for situations just like this. Toss me a /tell in game whenever you get a chance and I can send you an invite, and we can arrange to get you set up with an IC pearl and whatnot as well, if you're so inclined!

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YES!!! This looks awesome! I run The Wandering Tonberry Hunting Lodge & Trading Company and would love to link up some time to set some stuff up in regards to hunting. We are currently preparing to put out info on our second Festival of the Hunt and would love to work with some other IC hunters! I will try to find you in game! Good luck, this looks really cool!

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YES!!! This looks awesome! I run The Wandering Tonberry Hunting Lodge & Trading Company and would love to link up some time to set some stuff up in regards to hunting. We are currently preparing to put out info on our second Festival of the Hunt and would love to work with some other IC hunters! I will try to find you in game! Good luck, this looks really cool!



Awesome! I would definitely love to get some cross-FC interaction going, especially with another hunting group! I won't be on long tonight, but I'll be eagerly waiting for your message when I get back! :D


And thanks for the well-wishing!

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[align=center][The Gold & Glory Newsletter][/align]

[align=center]it's a super busy magical time of year[/align]


[align=center]Week of... Dec. 20th - 26th, 2015.[/align]




[align=justify]Holy crap, time is flying by! It seems like just last week, I was writing up one of these newsletters.. Oh wait...


Joking aside, things have been moving right along at Gold & Glory in the past week since our grand opening of recruitment! We've gotten several new members, have an impromptu social gathering at our FC house, and started organizing for our first public RP event!


Keep reading for the details!





new members & recruitment[/align]


In the past week alone, we've seen the in-character recruitment of three individuals! First up was C'rehd Rehlan, a Seeker that sought us out to take up a spot in Clerical Branch, serving up drinks and tending to our library. Rehd -- Boy, that isn't confusing at all! -- has also been officially promoted to full-fledged member status as of today!


Next came Ishex Huvomoix, a fancy-talking Elezen explorer who enjoys fine wine and long walks to where ever his feet take him! As such, he's taken up recruit status in our exploration branch, the Hunters of Treasures!


And on Sunday, we welcomed Qadan Hotgo into our ranks. This Xaela man is experienced with acquainting beasts with the business end of his giant axe, and as such, he's right at home in our martial branch, the Hunters of Bounties.


We've also got another couple recruits in the works, OOCly, and we'll be sure to feature them in next week's newsletter. Until then, if you yourself are interested in joining up with Gold & Glory Hunter's Guild, you can find our recruitment application HERE!






what we've been up to[/align]


With the holidays keeping everyone busy, along with the chaos of opening recruitment and getting settled, we haven't had the chance (yet!) to really sit down and have any scheduled FC events. However, a most magical thing happened Sunday evening..


[align=center]200x117http://puu.sh/m3bVg/762bd2f81f.png[/img] 200x117http://puu.sh/m3eqx/90659c957a.png[/img] 200x117http://puu.sh/m3etM/c49163f4ba.png[/img][/align]


What started out as Qadan's recruitment RP gradually evolved into just about everyone in the FC rolling into the house and stirring up some roleplay with each other! A couple hours of fun were had, both IC and OOC, and our first little unplanned group get-together was definitely a success!






starlight celebration: the golden gala![/align]


Love leaving things to the very last minute during the holidays? So do we!


Still, even though time was quickly passing us by, we made the decision to try and pump out our first ever public RP event: The Golden Gala! We didn't have the time or resources to make it super extravagant. But for something we organized just in the Ole Saint Nick of time, we figure a night of delicious food porn emotes, socializing, a fun gift-stealing game with some fancy-schmancy prizes, and an after-party filled with drinking games sounded pretty alright with us!


The Golden Gala will occur on December 30th, 2015 (Wednesday) @ 5PM PDT / 7PM CDT / 8PM EDT, and the White Oliphant game will begin at 6PM PDT / 8PM CDT / 9PM EDT.


However, keep in mind that if you plan on participating in White Oliphant with us, you must sign up prior to the event! Sign ups for that close on Sunday December 27th, 2015 at 11:59PM EDT / 10:59PM CDT / 8:59PM PDT.



[align=center]For more details on the Golden Gala, please check out the Information Post![/align]






happy holidays from gold & glory![/align]


With our week thus summed up, the Gold & Glory Hunter's Guild leaves you with the best of well-wishes for your holidays! Have fun, be safe, and see you next week!






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Well this is rather lovely! Been looking for something that jives with my interests in-game and this may very well be it! Hope to be checking this out ASAP!



Thanks :D I'd be glad to talk to you some time if you're interested and/or have any questions! Just send me a /tell or drop me a PM!

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How do you feel about accepting alts? I have at least one character who would probably be a good fit for your FC, but I know that some FCs only accept main characters. If it helps, I spread the love pretty evenly among my characters (which is why my main hasn't even reached the level cap yet :dodgy: ).

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How do you feel about accepting alts? I have at least one character who would probably be a good fit for your FC, but I know that some FCs only accept main characters. If it helps, I spread the love pretty evenly among my characters (which is why my main hasn't even reached the level cap yet :dodgy: ).


We're totally fine with alts! It's our goal to try and keep FC storylines from focusing or relying too heavily on one person or any small group, anyway, so it shouldn't be a problem at all if you switch between alts!

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[align=center][The Gold & Glory Newsletter][/align]

[align=center]a strong finish, a fresh beginning[/align]


[align=center]Week of... Dec. 27th, 2015 - January 2nd, 2016.[/align]




[align=justify]"But Jaliqai," you say. "You're late with this week's newsletter!"


To which I say: ".......yes."


All joking aside, this week has been super, super busy for everyone, and double that for Gold & Glory! Not only that, but I've decided to follow a slightly different newsletter schedule -- writing up the happenings of the week in hindsight towards its end, rather than writing about the previous week at the start of the next!


That said, it's time to get on with it! Keep reading for details about our week!






changes to the branches[/align]


In addition to taking on a heaping handful of new members -- more on that soon! -- we've shifted around our branch's name just a bit to be a little less corny a little more accurate as to what they do. As such, the changes are as follows.


  • Hunters of Bounties (prev.) became, simply, the Bounty Hunting Branch.
  • Hunters of Whispers (prev.) became, simply, the Intelligence & Strategy Branch.
  • Hunters of Treasures (prev.) became, simply, the Treasure Hunting Branch.
  • Hunters of Coin (prev.) became, simply, the Crafting & Mercantile Branch.
  • No change to either the Medical Branch or Clerical Branch.


Speaking of changes, we have a promotion (IC) to announce! Because of her hard work making sure that all the new Bounty Hunting branch recruits are up to snuff, Klarimel Surtsthalsyn has been promoted to Bounty Hunting Branch Leader! Congratulations, Klar! (Now please don't kill all our recruits!)






new members & recruitment[/align]


Admittedly, we had to slack a little bit towards the beginning of the week in regards to recruitment, what with the final preparations for the Golden Gala eating up all of our time. However, as soon as the Gala finished, it was right back into recruitment we dove!


This week, we ICly welcomed the following new members:


  • Aeron Volkova -- Intelligence & Strategy Branch
  • J'aeda Rhenli -- Treasure Hunting Branch
  • Vexlu Dhoro -- Bounty Hunting Branch
  • J'salha Khah -- Bounty Hunting Branch
  • Tatsu Kaisuri -- Intelligence & Strategy Branch
  • Ryanti Veanysus -- Intelligence & Strategy Branch
  • Tyo Amariyo -- Bounty Hunting Branch

In addition, we've seen two individuals pass their initial recruitment trial and be promoted to full-fledged, contract-signing members of the Guild: Ishex Huvomoix and Qadan Hotgo!


We've still got another handful of recruits in the works OOCly, which we're steadily working through the list to get settled in with the FC. Likewise, if you yourself are interested in joining up with Gold & Glory Hunter's Guild, you can find our recruitment application HERE!






the golden gala: a glorious success![/align]


On December 30th, we held our first official public event: The Golden Gala. To say that the even was an amazing success would be a vast understatement! People poured out of the wood works into the Gold Court for an evening of socializing, good food, and gift-stealing fun, and we couldn't have been more pleased with the overwhelming turn-out and show of support!


We also had a survey going during the event to gather feedback to use when planning our next large scale event. I just wanted to share one piece of data that we received:




All forty-two people the responded to the survey said that they had a great time, and we are absolutely humbled and thrilled to hear it! Seriously, everyone, we're over-the-moon that everyone seemed to have such a great time, because we definitely had fun putting it on for you!


I also wanted to take a minute to congratulate some of our big winners from the evening!


  • Gwyn Trahaern -- Wind-up Ifrit Minion!
  • Reppu Hijiri -- Fat Cat Minion!
  • Rido Kurisu -- Littlefoot Minion!
  • Tywyll’ra Stumog -- Survey Grand Prize, Winner's Choice Art Commission!
  • Alexaria Whiteraven -- Survey Runner Up, Chibi Commission!
  • Y'dyalani Kyar -- Survey Runner Up, Chibi Commission!


Finally, I want to give a special shout out and thanks to West O'hteco and the rest of Crescent FC for helping out with the event! It was a great relief to have some extra hands on board to serve guests, and West herself did an amazing job of engaging people for photographs -- sets of which you can see HERE and HERE!


With that, our Golden Gala comes to a close, most assuredly to return next Starlight season! In the meantime, we've already begun preparation (well ahead of the fact, this time!) for our next big event: Valentione's Day! Keep your eyes peeled (and your gilpurses ready) for more details in the next few weeks!






the bountiful chest is hiring![/align]


Finally, we've got one last announcement to make: The Bountiful Chest is looking for tavern staff! You don't have to join the FC, and we don't expect you to center your whole RP life around us. But we are looking for people who want to help us make the tavern feel more alive and who will assist us on our incoming Tavern Nights and other Public RP events!


If you're at all interested, check out Ryssmyna's flier HERE.






happy heavensturn from gold & glory![/align]


Gold & Glory hopes that everyone had a Glorious Heavensturn, and that the year to come is even more Bountiful than the last!



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[align=center][The Gold & Glory Newsletter][/align]

[align=center]growing stronger every day[/align]


[align=center]Week Month of... January (2016).[/align]




[align=justify]"But Jaliqai," you say. "You're late with this week's newsletter! Again!"


To which I say: ".......yes. again."


But we've a reason for that! Simply put, as much as we would like to keep putting out weekly newsletters, they just eat up way too much time that we think we could be funneling into others things -- like fun events and RP, for starters! As such, I've decided to bump these babies up to monthly reports coming up towards the end of one month / beginning of the next.


And with that being said, let's get right to it! We've got a lot of ground to cover!






application procedure updates[/align]


Since opening our doors, we've been consistently picking up new members left and right -- to a degree we clearly hadn't anticipated! As such, we've had to change our recruitment process just a little bit. Before, we would ask that you apply to the FC website and then we would contact you ASAP about setting up a standard recruitment RP. However, much like the idea of the weekly newsletters.. While it is a great idea conceptually, it was such a time sink that we didn't have time to get to other organizational and RP obligations that we had to fulfill.


As such, this is our New & Improved Recruitment Procedure™:


1.) Go to our website and read over the information there. Most importantly, make sure you read our General OOC Code of Conduct and our new Chat Moderation & 'Safe Word' Policies.


2.) Once you feel like you know enough about us and our expectations to know you want to apply, fill out our Recruitment Application. It is broken down into a slightly expanded OOC questionnaire, as well as an IC section. And it is here where things have really changed.


We now offer new applicants two options for getting both OOC and ICly recruited into the Guild ASAP, as well as keeping the officers' schedules relatively freed up from the timesink and monotony of the same ol' so-I-saw-your-flier-and-want-an-interview RP five times a week.


The first option is Fast Track Recruitment, where you will complete a short in-character interview with an NPC who will jot down your responses and ICly pass them off to Leadership for review. Once your application is OOCly accepted, you can ICly assume that your application was accepted as well.


For people who have more complex ideas of how they want to get involved with Gold & Glory, we also offer the Recruitment RP option. You just tell us a bit about what sort of scenario you had in mind for how your character could end up involved with us, a bit about your availability, and we'll try to work out a time to RP that out with you ASAP!


So far, we're happy to say that these options seem to be working out great for us being able to get people into the RP scene with us quickly while Myna and I aren't constantly feeling overwhelmed, scheduling a handful of RP interviews each week. Everyone wins!





recruitment updates[/align]


As I've said, Gold & Glory has been growing exponentially since we opened our doors. In particular, two of our branches have seen a lot of interest: The Bounty Hunting branch and the Treasure Hunting branch. Meanwhile, other branches like Medical and Clerical haven't been seeing the same growth.


With that in mind, we will be temporarily halting all recruitment of individuals who wish to be placed into the Bounty Hunting and/or Treasure Hunting branches so that the current members of those branches can settle and find their footing. You're still welcomed to apply to the FC under these branches. Just understand that you'll be placed on a waiting list until they reopen in, hopefully, a couple of weeks. The only exception to this wait list are currently personal friends of existing FC members, branch swaps of current members, and the alts of current members.


The Bounty Hunting and Treasure Hunting branches' waitlist will begin on Saturday, February 6th, 2016 @ 11:59PM Central US Time. Currently, it is unknown when it will reopen, but plan for at least a couple weeks of closure with potential re-opening around March.


Meanwhile, we're really looking to push for more recruitment into our Medical branch! Right now we've just got Akay'a Zhwan as our very talented Branch Leader, plus a few other characters preparing to branch-swap. But as we start taking on more and more jobs, we'll be taking on more and more injuries. So whether your character is an alchemical / traditional healer, an aetheric healer, a field/battle medic, etc., we would be absolutely delighted to have you!






ooc promotions[/align]


We would like to take a moment to announce two OOC promotions within the FC: Tyo Amariyo and Tsubatai Gharl will be taking up their new mantles as official Event Planners / DMs for Gold & Glory! They've already been great and proactive about working with us to get the ball rolling on figuring out systems for us to use and getting plotlines rolling, so we're all really looking forward to working with them and seeing what they bring to the table!






hunters of love: a blind date auction![/align]


With the success that was the Golden Gala behind us now, we've ever got our eyes on the future. The future, of course, being Valentione's Day where Gold & Glory will be hosting the first (hopefully!) annual Hunters of Love Blind Date Auction open RP event!


Since we're never ones to follow the standard formula for events, you can expect things to work fairly differenlyt for this auction. Unlike normal date auctions where you know exactly who you're bidding on, this auction will have an exciting element of surprise! Instead of bidding on the auctionees themselves, you'll be bidding on items near and dear to their hearts that they've secretly put up to represent themselves in some form or fashion, and the date they are offering.


So, got your eyes on a certain Gold & Glory member that you want to spend some time with? Better be figuring out exactly what their item is! But if you don't want to leave it to chance, well.. Rumor has it that we will have one single Gilded Rose up for auction to start off the evening, the winning bidder of which will be able to pick their date directly!


This date auction will be using real gil, and we will be expecting payment up front. Refunds will only be offered on a case by case basis if it is shown that a member has not fulfilled their end of the date bargain (without having good cause, i.e. the buyer attempting to coerce or pressure them into unwanted ERP, etc). All proceeds will go back to the Gold & Glory coffers for our Large House Dream fund so that we can provide our own venue for future community RP events, as well as prizes and costs for putting on said events!


After the date auction's conclusion, we will be having a mixer / social in Wineport, followed afterwards by a more casual after party back at the Bountiful Chest. More details about the event as a whole will be released in the near future, so Please Look Forward To It!





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Just a quick update!


As of today, February 7th, 2016, our Leadership has voted to temporarily close all recruitment instead of just recruitment for Bounty Hunter and Treasure Hunting branches.


Now that we've got a decent sized group, we're going to work on getting everyone settled in and everything in working, running order. Note that if you've already talked to be prior to this post about applying, you're still welcomed to do so! We just won't be accepting any more applications for the time being, after those few apps that we were waiting on.


Recruitment will reopen when we are all settled, but we can't give an exact time frame! If you're interested, you can still submit an app and we'll add it to the waiting list and review it when we reopen!

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[align=center][The Gold & Glory Newsletter][/align]

[align=center]guess who is terrible at remembering newsletters?[/align]


[align=center]Month Months of... February & March (2016).[/align]




[align=justify]I am absolutely terrible at remembering to post these things. With so much going on with the Guild and whatnot, time flies and before you know it you have two months of newsletters and updates backlogged. Whoops.


Anyhoo, let's get to the good stuff!






recruitment status update[/align]


While Gold & Glory hasn't decided on an exact, official date to reopen its doors again, we can faithfully say this: Recruitment will be re-opening Soon™! We think we've got most everyone in the Guild pretty well settled by now and we're starting to hit our stride. So hopefully, within the next couple days, you'll be seeing a post go up announcing when our recruitment will re-open!


That said, we're also looking at re-vamping our Recruitment and New Member Orientation process! When we re-open recruitment, we'll be sure to make everyone aware of those particular changes as well!





branch leaders appointed![/align]


Finally, we've managed to pin down leaders for all of our branches within the Guild, and there's not a single soul amongst them that isn't just perfect for the job! So that said, I would like to announce our official roster of Branch Leaders!


Bounty Hunting Branch:
Klarimel Surtsthalsyn.

Treasure Hunting Branch:
Syerra Faolchu.

Intelligence & Strategy Branch:
Naoh Tayoon.

Medical Branch:
Akay'a Zhwan.

Clerical Branch:
Ryssmyna Syvinmhaswyn.


Our fearless leaders will be meeting tonight to get all our apkallus in a row, and once the dust settles, we look forward to bringing the Guild even more structure and organization -- not to mention a whole host of new events to fill up the calendar!






community events[/align]


Now, it's time for an update on our community events. As advertised during our last newsletter, G&G was planning on hosting a Valentione's Day Blind Date Auction & Mixer. Unfortunately, due to a number of real-life complications, we ended up having to cancel that event and instead spend our day celebrating Valentione's with a private reception for the recent wedding of Tsubatai Gharl and Chiyo Malaguld.


But never a group to let such things get us down, we turned right back around and put together an ambitious Hatchingtide Egg Hunt event! We had an astounding nineteen total volunteers hiding out in the Dravanian Forelands passing out eggs and chocolates to Hatchingtide hunters, and though the participant turn out was lower than expected (likely due to scheduling conflicts), it seemed that everyone that participated really enjoyed the event. Not to mention the millions of gil worth of prizes that were handed out to our winners!


As for what the future holds? We've not got plans set in stone yet, but I have heard whispers of an impending Gold & Glory Beach Festival sometime in the next few weeks.. Keep an ear out!




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Gold & Glory Hunter's Guild: Recruitment Re-opening!



[align=justify]Gold & Glory Hunter's Guild is happy to announce that as of Monday, April 4th, 2016, we will once again be accepting Recruitment Applications! Now that everyone who joined in the first wave of recruits has more or less settled, we're all eager to swing the doors open wide and welcome in some fresh faces!


This time around, we'll be using a different procedure for recruitment and orientation of new members! Therefore, if you're interested in joining us, we highly recommend checking out the Recruitment & Orientation Procedure page of our FC website for the full run-down of how it will work now!


As always, if you have any questions at all, feel free to either contact Jaliqai Qulaan, Ryssmyna Syvinmhaswyn, or Saraghul Qulaan directly. Alternatively, you can use the 'Contact Us' form on our FC website!


Happy Hunting, everyone![/align]


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Thanks for the compliment!


If you mean scheduled RP events, we certainly have those! To name some as an example, we've hosted an in-character drinking game night at our tavern last Saturday and a Tug o' War event on Sunday. We had a wedding last night, and this Saturday we're having Casino Night at the Gold Saucer. We also do things like RPing the different jobs our Guild takes, such as pursuing bounties, monsters, or treasures.


Now, if you're talking scheduled PVE events, that's not so much our thing! While we've got a handful of people who enjoy and actively participate in PVE, we're by and large an RP guild and we don't typically have regularly scheduled PVE / PVP events.


If you're interested in learning more about us, I'd recommend checking out our website. We've got tons of information up there, and if you decide you want to give G&G a shot, our application can be found there too!

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I did check out your website, it does look really really good.  I love the community, non-combat things to do, richness of the characters that the RP community brings - even though I'm not the best out there at it.


So you are saying that PvE/vP is not official Company business, but thats not to say that sometimes members maybe will join up to do some OOC?  Is that about accurate?

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Pretty much! We don't typically schedule PVP/PVE events, but there are a few people in the FC that do these things on their own time or if someone asks for help / if anyone wants to go in FC chat.


Though if you're more progression-oriented, I'm not sure we have anyone that considers themselves a heavily progression-oriented raider currently. Most of us that do PVE tend to have a pretty laidback, casual view on it most of the time.


So for example, if you want to find some people to putz around in Seph EX or Alex normal with you, you'll probably find a couple takers if they're available. But if you're looking for Alex Savage or to put together a progression static of FC members, you might be harder pressed to find bodies for it.

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