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Starlight Celebration Secret Gift Exchange!

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Starting from now until the 25th of this month at 12 am CST, you can send a small gift to be added to a collection pool that will be distributed Christmas Morning. This is a fun little event to have a chance to give and receive from others in the community and give you something to look forward to in your mailbox.


How it works:


  • Purchase a gift that you would like to donate. The cap is 50,000 gil with no minimum as long as the gift is useful. This can be RP clothes, housing items, pets, etc. Please exclude sending food, potions, or materials please.
  • Only send 1 item.
  • Add me, L'rinhi Kett, to your Friend's List.
  • Mail your item to L'rinhi Kett before 12 am CST of December 25th.
  • Your name and your item will be added to an excel sheet. This will keep up with you and your gift so you don't get your own present.
  • *You may specify what type of gift you would like as far as Rp clothes or housing items. Naturally, housing items won't be of use to those with no housing.*
  • In the wee hours of the morning, Rini will start mailing gifts back to everyone who participated.


If you would like to include a small note to whomever receives your gift you may as long as it doesn't reveal you and is in good taste, maturity required. People may exceed the cap of 50,000 if they wish, but do not expect to get anything that high in return. I can understand if people feel giving this year and it is a nice gesture of you doing so, but someone else might not be as giving.


If you have any questions or comments on how this works feel free to ask and as always have a good one.

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Do you mind us adding you so we can send the item along? Sadly you can't mail people not on your friends list. :(


This is a lovely idea!


That is a very very good point that I always forget and overlook. Yes, you may add me. I will edit the main post to accompany this.

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This is a very sweet idea and also a lot of work!


Another note on mailing, the inbox is limited to how many it'll have unopened and that amount is even smaller for letters that have attachments. ((I don't know the exact amount; I just remember it happening before))


Is there maybe a "drop off" availability for people to stop by and participate if they have similar game times to not clog up the works?

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I'm pick them out and keeping track of who gave what. I cleaned out my mail so i am completely open. The trick is catching me on. Alternatively, you can stop by our FC house and see if anyone will take it, but make sure they write your name down or you contact me through the RPC on which gift is yours. This isn't a Wayfarer's project it's a Rini one so my FC might be oblivious to what the item is for.

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I apologize, last night I was occupied IRL. I will be on tonight(Friday) for most of the evening, 5:45-10:00 pm CST most likely. If you are having trouble getting hold of me please send me a PM here and let me know what times are good for you.


Several people have already signed up so don't miss your chance! I will be on most of the weekend and I have plenty of friend spots.


Notice: In the occasion that something does drag my attention from the game I will make it a point to be there every hour on the hour for at least 5-10 mins. This means if you search me and I am afk at 6:43 that I will be sure to be back at 7 to accept your request. I hope to be on all night, but in the case that something happens I want to keep this a standard.


I should also be on most of the day Saturday : )

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This is utterly fantastic! I'll be sending you something as soon as I log on next. No need to add Benedict to the list though. He would never be able to do something like this IC, but I love the idea so much I'd like to support it.


If you send something you get something back, even if it's OOCly. : )

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Just a friendly reminder that this is still here. Anyone wanting to participate only needs to catch me online! I will be on almost all day Sunday so keep an eye out for me. I will also be on late tonight.The will also be an event to go along side this one so stay tuned.

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Only 2 days left! I will be on tonight from 5-10 CST for sure! Even if it shows me afk feel free to send a friend's request! I will accept them when I return and you can send your item in. I will also briefly be on tomorrow, BUT I do have a family Christmas in the evening so the time to add me to your friend's list is limited. Add me while you can! Thank you!

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