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Void Hunter seeking a mercenary for assistance

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Hi there everyone out there. I have a certain rp prospect that I want to share here and see if I can't get it set up and going. Now pretty much I am doing this event to give my companies combat system a little test run. I though the best way was to set up a little personal event for my character. Now this is going to deal in void sent hunting so that will surely be a thing. In any case you can read more bellow



[align=center]Battle System[/align]

[align=center]Bounty Active Combat System[/align]





Following a string of mysterious disappearances of GATE employees and a mysterious shadow figure seen wandering about the saucer during off peak hours. Seia has tasked herself with investigating these occurrences for voidsent activities. In anticipation of a powerful voidsent she had also posted up request for mercenary assistance 




I am not to sure if I want two or one merc so I'll have to think on it.

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