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  1. Erah'sae, thank you for the kind wishes. Casual scenes or just slice of life is super fine by me too. Essara, it'll be hard to hug this particular lalafell if you're across realms in Mateus! But we can figure something out. xypher, again, across realms but we can figure something out over text/discord if that is something you're interested in.
  2. Ah! Thank you Gegenji for the warm wishes. Surilian, that sounds like it'll be fun! We can try and figure something out I'm sure. Can't promise too much though, but here's to hoping!
  3. Two years, wow. Welcome back to your thread! I am a returning player but haven't yet got back into the game itself, thus am not RPing at the moment, but I hope to in the future. Haha, thanks. I've been "active" but not so much in RP.
  4. Heyas! A'zahana might not be tribe material, but she can certainly be a fast friend.
  5. azahana

    100 Words Prompts

    War A'zahana awoke with a start to the pained groan of a dying soldier nearby. The scent of battle was fresh in the air and somewhere in the distance the ringing of metal and shouts could be heard. Struggling to her feet, she tore off her dented helmet and felt blood begin to seep down her face. Everything was a damned mess now, but there was a job to do still and she intended to see it through. That's how it always was. A sadistic grin began to spread on her lips as she dragged herself towards the noise. "Still alive."
  6. It has been practically two years and figured I'll give this a small bump now that I have more free time. Not entirely a lot more, but more.
  7. @Solenne , that is perfectly fine and even a chance encounter could lead to more, depending on the situation. Could even be an antagonist, yeah? A'zahana takes work involving debt collection, sending a message via roughing up and the likes. Morally questionable things don't really phase her too much. Only rule is that she won't outright kill kids. On purpose, anyway. @Parth Makeo , That sounds like it could be fun, but I'm I'm afraid I can't give much more of an answer without more information. ^ ^
  8. Been nearly a weekish or more, figure it'll be okay to bump. Looking for those are are interested still.
  9. Hello to anyone coming into this thread and reading it! As the title says, I'm looking more for support roles in people's stories to make appearances or perhaps more if things get more involved. Maybe even a reoccurring figure either as an antagonist or helping hand? Why? Because I've realized that my character doesn't really have much of a story to tell. At least nothing really grand to tell. The point where she is at in life is just a drifter/mercenary happy to live day to day and making her own coin to spend on mostly food and wine. Until she gets swept up in a big scheme or caught up in someone's quest, A'zahana is essentially free to just follow the whim of the day. Quick things to note: ICly - A'zahana can be a bit blunt, rude and probably irritable. Possibly lewd. Most of it is mainly used to catch those who aren't familiar with her off guard. She isn't daft though. OOCly - I will probably be cackling like a maniac at the terrible things A'zahana does or cringing. I'm probably more relaxed about dark/grim stuff than I should be, but hey, it is what it is. Also, sending me a PM directly on here is a wonderful way to catch me and to set up a time to meet and such. My schedule has freed up considerably from when I first made this~ so here I am again. Timing can still be erratic. More details and stuff can be found within A'zahana's wiki thing. A directory page is also available. EDIT: If one would prefer something over discord or some other text based system inside game, that would certainly make things more flexible as well.
  10. azahana

    Is your character naughty or nice?

    Wow A'zahana Eolia, rescuing those orphans from that burning building got you a free ride on Santa's Nice List for years to come! ... heh.
  11. I don't know... seems like the dragoon did pretty well tanking the floor.
  12. azahana

    Illiteracy in Characters?

    Would I be wrong in saying that I feel illiteracy comes in varying degrees? A character or those with low education might not be at the standard of a poet or be able to write flowing prose, but would probably be able to pick up the ability to read simple words, signs and numbers. For example, I can read a few word and to 99 in the numerical system of the native tongue of my family. Conversation is fine, but advanced saying and the business language elude me. Ask me to look at a map and I can figure things out eventually. Ask me to read a news article and I'll fail spectacularly. Game wise, I figure that most adventuring types will figure out some semblance of reading and writing so that they could look at posts and jobs on the board. Soldiers would have rudimentary levels of writing and reading to be able to relay orders and scouting reports. EDIT: canon wise, Curious Gorge studies the lore of his tribe in an effort to revive it and later his brother is alluded to scouring old texts for references to warriors of old, to one specifically. They're also apparently from some small village in the mountains. Just some food for thought, yeah?
  13. azahana

    A fairy has arrived.

    Bah, what's the fun in that? For all we know, your character has that name because she/he chose it for herself! Edit: But welcome to the place where we do the thing and share the stuff.
  14. azahana

    What is your character plot's theme/motif?

    Shenanigans of life. Having drink, warm bed, and a good fight now and then with plenty of gil left to carry into the next day is good. A'zahana lacks a solid purpose in life aside from the day to day and that's fine by her. The past (specifically) her own is in the past and she doesn't really care for it unless people are just sharing stories around a campfire.
  15. azahana

    Roleplayer Uncertainty/Insecurity Theater

    Damn, reading some of the stuff in here makes me feel like my issues are trivial as hell. 1: I'm a lalafell with a miqo'te name. Explained in backstory but weirds people out when interacting with her. 2: Combat RP makes me confused as hell sometimes. I prefer dice rolling. Dice rolling hates me. Sometimes lady luck is nice. Sometimes, please, would someone just hit the other person already. 3: My schedule is random. Hard to find someone to put up with a random schedule/know when I'm around.