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I'm finally getting around to making a little intro thread ^^; Since I don't know where to start I guess this template is a nice little starter


MMORPG Background

My first MMO ever was Ragnarok Online. This was a very long time ago, and I was hooked. I remember I started playing it when they had just released jobs, and I stopped around the time they were coming out with the rebirth jobs. Then I moved onto WoW, I think I played that for maybe 3 years? I quit around Cataclysm and hopped around between Aion and Guild Wars 2. Then a friend told me about FFXIV, but because it was subscription-based I didn't have the budget to pay for that at the moment, and when I finally did they took down the servers (yes, this was back during 1.0) so I patiently waited for ARR to come around and here we are. Worth it.


RP Experience

I started quite a long time ago on forums (it was a Hogwarts RP) and I did that for quite a while until it died out, then I started Tumblr RPing. Been doing that on and off since


Character Info

Half the reason I didn't post right away was so that I could get some actual material on here. Yes, I went and did a thing. Diamanda is a fledgling adventurer and I plan on playing her as such until I develop her a bit more. I kind of want her to grow through interactions ^^ I do have some plot ideas though if anyone ever wants to hit me up!


How I learned about the coalition

Through Tumblr, actually. Some of the blogs I follow RP on Balmung and I was curious how these RPers even find each other and they gave me a link here.


What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be?

I love heavy RPing but my current schedule and time zone doesn't leave a whole lot of room for that. Depending on how my week is going to be (work-wise) I can be light to heavy. A lot of it depends on how much plotting is involved. More plotting = heavier RPs. I love plotting and I'm usually available on Skype if anyone wants to plot, or RP even!


Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing?

I work full-time in retail, so with holidays right now you can imagine how busy I get at work ^^; I am also in school part time right now for my second degree. Yep, second degree. I graduated with one but since I'm not finding much use for it I'm basically in school for something else.


When it's not work or school, I am basically playing FFXIV or some sort of game. I also love watching playthroughs of horror games, but not actually playing them (I get scared very easily)


It's nice to be here and even nicer being on Balmung. My experience on that server has been nothing but pleasant and I love how friendly the community has been in game thus far <3

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Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone~!


That mixer sounds like it'd be a lot of fun, I'm bummed I'm working when it happens though =_= I'm gonna be making a dedicated Tumblr blog for Diamanda so I'll probably follow you on that to keep up with some of the events, Nefzen :3 Thank you for doing that!


And Kawa, for sure I'll definitely hit you up if I ever happen to catch you online xD

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