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Looking for a Steady RP Group!

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Yes, yes, aren't we all. 


Really though, I'm looking for a steady group that has fun together on a regular basis. The group doesn't have to be in the same FC or anything like that, though I'd have a linkshell going on if that's wanted. I mostly chat through skype, anyway. So, moving on...



I'd like to get together a steady RP group that:


  • Gets along icly
  • Gets along oocly
  • The characters can grow together
  • But aren't necessarily related, bound, or HAVE to be involved in each other's stories.

That leaves a pretty broad range of the kinds of rp I'd like to be involved in, so I'll narrow it down a bit. 



Here are the kinds of RP I'm interested in:


  • Slice of Life; Normal is fun too!
  • Magic-oriented; My character wants to be a scholar, someday.
  • Travel; We go places!
  • Dark/Mature/Grimdark; I like stuff that a good psychological thriller, horror, or Stephen King novel might be made of. Not constantly though! 
  • Whatever else comes up along the way, as long as it isn't outlandish/saving the world type stuff.

As a Note: I will say I am NOT interested in strictly eRP. I can't do Porn without Plot.




As for me, here are a few rules I personally play by when I rp - I don't expect my RP comrades to do the same! 


I try to play:


  • Realistically; If something horrible happens, my characters doesn't just pick up and get it together - They suffer. For instance, she killed a dude early this week. She's spent the last few days contemplating the value of life, what a horrible thing she did, and how sad their families must be. Even though, by all rights, it was part of the plot and they were essentially Nameless Goon #324234 - To her, it doesn't matter, she still killed someone! 
    Like wise, if something great happens to her, she'll react accordingly! I try my best to keep a mental profile going of what a person might be like if XYZ happens when I RP, in order to give myself a very immersive experience. 

  • Within Reason; Communication is key. If we need to compromise on things, I like to talk things out like an adult. 

  • With Fun > Fact; I'm OK with bending lore a bit. I enjoy having fun far more than I enjoy being a lorenerd, but with that in mind, part of doing RP in a predetermined setting is following the lore. If a spell needs to be fudged, so be it; But playing Apocalypse Maiden is not a thing I try to do.



If it comes down to it, I'd really like just having a steady rp partner. I had one in ESO, but unfortunately they quit the game, so now I'm back to looking for a RP partner/group. 



As a note: I'm also looking for enemies, relatives(maybe!), and everything in between. It's just at this time, I really would like a steady RP group/partner! 


My character's profile is here; I try to keep it updated and like to randomly add things to it, as the character develops. 


If you're interested, let me know!

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You are welcome to come by our FC house at some point. We have a small group that gets together to RP, though this has been slower due to the holidays, that we would like to build back up. it's very slice of life-ish.


Otherwise, if you end up forming your own I am interested in joining! Rini needs a little bit of a life outside of her business.

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You can count Ben in on this. He already likes to check in on her anyway. My only issues is my free time is not quite as "free" as others. Something that has been a constant hurdle in any of his roleplays.

That's totally fine. I should have put in there that I'm working and going to school, so I'm never really home before 6pm est.


And yes, of course, Ben (and you!) need to be in on this! ^^

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I'm still looking to finding more consistent RP for Lain and I'm on often in the evenings. Usually when I engage in an RP I can stay on until my partner has to leave (I get hooked), but otherwise I do have a few things here or there like a normal person- but I'm on FF more than I should be probably. xD


Feel free to message me or poke me online! I can keep an eye out for your character too. Lain definitely needs more interactions!

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