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Returning player, looking for new connections


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My husband and I recently returned to this game after a foray into other games, which made us realize that nothing out there right now is better than FFXIV:ARR for gameplay and roleplay.


So, we're back, for good, and hoping to maybe find a place in the community this time. We've made our own free company that we're currently building up, and we'd love to meet some people from other FC's, LSes, etc, to chat/rp/play the game with.


In essence, my character is ICly a weaver, taking orders from people from all walks of life. I love making clothes/gear for people, both ICly and OOCly, and if you RP an order with me, I'll work for free/tips as long as it's not anything astronomically pricey to make. She's also studying to be an astrologian, which is my main.


My husband's character is a sky pirate/voidsent hunter-for-hire. We're happy to take jobs or just sit around and talk theory, shoot the breeze, etc. He loves the lore too, and he's always glad to answer questions, both IC and OOC.


So, if anyone's interested in getting to know us and our characters, feel free to send me a tell, character name Nimh Kagon, and my husband's is Grimnir Heimsgard. We're not always going to be IC when we're wandering around, but if you let us know you'd like to rp, we can and will.


Looking forward to getting to know some people, and glad to be back!

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Oooh RP tailor .. I like your approach. It is much better to RP about something than chat in my experience. And a sky pirate too.. I may be in the need of a fast ship.


I'll try catch you in game.

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