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[Brainstorming] A slow rise to power

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So I'm back after a very busy holiday and I have a... Well I won't say unique because unique is so hard to do anymore, but an interesting idea that u want to pull off and I would like some aid. I've been thinking about doing a character who has some form of unwanted precense (Could be a shard of magic technology or like a possession) that while causing negative effects also slowly empowers them until some big fancy epic release (as the way all powerful characters in the FF world do, though nine will probably wait till I am in an FC) with a fancy battle before returning to a more normal but heavilly weakened state compared to what he has been.


While in most RP this may be simple to do but hard to work out I know FF has more to take into account so... Any ideas on how to pull this off?

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I'm playing a Garlean who had a magitek aether reserve inserted into him (the means unknown) to be able to cast things. ...which went horribly wrong, nearly got him killed, blah blah unstable, etc.


If you're looking for lore that can be molded/bent to give an opportinity, it really depends on your character's affiliations. Would they have Garlean connections? Magic? Alchemy? There's a lot to work with in the game, but you would want to start by picking an area to work with because the scope of "magic or technology or other stuff" is quite large. It also could vastly impact what negative traits might occur.

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I'm considering like a crystal or shard of one. (I totally haven't been saying the word Chaos Shard in my head all day) but not sure yet how I want it to function or ultimately what will happen. The character I plan to use will be using magic though. Haven't decided what school. Thinking I want him to either be a summoner or a thaumaturge

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