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~ B.H. Tyler


    No cries for help were heard. No hand was lifted for aid. Before the sun rose, when night reached its darkest point, dozens of young women and children went missing. Sources say that a criminal ring dealing in the trade of persons was involved. No sooner did this string of crimes get reported did the next detail also be revealed.


    All the victims were returned, safely. They came streaming back into the Golden City, one by one. All, that is, except one young female miqo’te. Her name has not been revealed as her parents are still being located.


    One victim was available for questions. She said that a man dressed in complete black from head to toe stormed the area (an abandoned mine in Thanalan) and completely killed their captors. Not one was left alive. It sounds like the city’s masked vigilante, Viper. But he wasn’t alone. An unidentified female was also with him, dressed in black, and wearing a mask.


    While citizens slept in the comfort of their homes, and while the Brass Blades and Flames did Twelve knows what, these two vigilantes- these two heroes answered these unheard pleas for help. While there is one death, the fate these victims faced was grim, but the fate the captors met was worse. The amount of captors dead was not given.


    Inspector Paul Desmond was seen after the bloodbath took place, investigating the scene. He confirmed it was the work of the Viper. He commented that it is not within the reach of citizens to commit acts of vigilantism and it is punishable by law.


    Who, though, gets punished when the law fails? Is it the innocent victims who suffer to the short reach of justice? Thankfully for the dozens who were taken, Viper and his accomplice were there to rescue them.


    Authorities are now asking citizens for information on the Viper and his female accomplice. One victim said she thought she saw a tail, but there is only one testimony. If they are seen, they are to be considered armed and highly dangerous. Local authorities should be contacted in such an event.

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Jana closes the newspaper with a sigh. It was going to be difficult to get work as a masked Miqo'te adventurer for a while... Maybe it'd be better if she handled the case of vigilantism herself instead of waiting for someone else to do it.

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Aaron glanced at the notice with a vaguely disgusted face.


"Some people don't deserve to live. ." He sighed adjusting the sword on his back and walking away.


"But I'm not gonna be an executioner. Rest in peace lady." And with that said he soon tried to forget he'd ever saw the alert.

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Celia looked at the news paper and read over the article a few times. She was not quite certain what was catching her interest in this story but she continued to search. She eventually noticed the name of the detective and remembered where she had heard it before.


An elderly Hyur man called out to Celia, "Hello? Ya still awake?".


Celia snapped out of her daze. "Yes. I'm alright. Let's continue on shall we?" she said before folding the news paper and placing it in her pack. She made a mental note that she needed to speak with her sister once she returned form her current job.

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Rihxo's eye widened considerably as she read through the paper, a look with a mixture of horror and disgust on her face.


"This is terrible! I can't believe anybody would do something like that..." 


Rihxo clenched her jaw, folding the newspaper in no particularly clean manner and stuffing it in the satchel at her hip. Too bad I can't really do anything about it right now... I'm supposed to be on vacation, not getting into murder mysteries!



She'd pause as she turned to walk away. Mysteries...



She knew just the man to talk to about mysteries. Her longcoat swished about behind her as she turned on a heel to begin to look for her friend, hurrying off.

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Upon a page torn from one of the various editions of the Tonberry that had been passed about, delivered, or ultimately tossed to the wind; one particular article would be found nailed to the market-boards in Limsa Lominsa with a smear of ink in appearance of a hand print and the scrawl of Eorzean text writting along it's bottom that reads quite simply: "We are watching". There is no a trace as to whom left it there.



[align=center]we are watching.[/align]

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As his eyes scanned the page with ever growing intensity the warmth and light of the Quicksands was lost on Almeric.  He grit his teeth and inhaled sharply.  "If the Flames and the Blades weren't going to handle something like this they should've contracted out the work.  If there had been more than two people working to save those poor people maybe all of them would've survived.  Bah."  Almeric tossed the paper back down on the bar in frustration.  "Momodi, one more."  He placed a few gil on the counter and hoped the ale would wash out the bad taste in his mouth.

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Up on a rooftop perched high over the Goblet a lone figure sat crouched behind a brick chimney. The dark figure held in his hands the newspaper clipping detailing events of the so called rescue.


"Not bad. One dead though, not sure how she enjoyed being rescued, perhaps we could ask her corpse" he muttered himself, his voice whispering a certain distaste for the deeds of this "Viper".


"We'll have to watch out for this one, won't we?" he said aloud, this time his words directed at someone, or rather, something. He held up the left palm of his hand and revealed a small mouse cuddled within. The figure chuckled as he placed a few seeds and watched his friend nibble down on them.


"Can't have them giving us a bad name, can we. Shall we make ourselves known?" he'd ask with a chuckle. He'd stroke the top of his furry little friends head before continuing


"Although I promised you we'd refer to ourselves as The Mouse, as such we must be wary, the Viper does eat the Mouse afterall"

This comment would bring about a quick scurry from the little rodent up to the mans shoulders where he sat perched eating his last naming snacks.


The figure would remove the black mask that hang over his face and flash a bright white smile to the shoulder his pet was sitting in "Don't worry little fellow, we'll be okay. After all, what better way to catch a Viper, than with a Mouse"

With that the dark clothed figure would slip his friend into his front pocket and vault over the chimney and drop down to street level before vanishing into the dark alley.

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