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Do you want to RP with me or what?

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I have low expectations for this having the outcome I want but at least I can say I tried. Expect frequent obnoxious bumping until I am proven wrong.



  • A Hunter-scholar
  • Doman refugee (not a newcomer by any means, she's been here for almost a good two years)
  • used to work as guard/armed escort/general manual labor on archaeological digs


  • Other Doman refugees (hesitant on this but was told to list it in the off chance of not having domans fuck me over this time)
  • hunters
  • scholars
  • explorers
  • beast tamers
  • eccentric characters that might not fit the above



  • lore-compliance (a little bending is ok if the lore's lacking)
  • open world/dungeon RP
  • small groups
  • minion RP


  • disregard of lore (void-possessed, catdrgs, dimension-hopper, IC WHM, NPC RP, etc.)
  • romance
  • crime
  • family RP (I've been burned way too many times on this to do it again)
  • city/tavern/house exclusive RP
  • large groups (no more than 3 at a time, please)



I may be slow to respond, big crowds make me anxious (which is why I prefer small groups) and am prone to frequent AFK until around 8pm PST.

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Hmm...I could try, if you're OK with the idea that I bend lore with other people using the same character. (It usually means pre-arranged scenes that are not designed for walk-ups, so you can be safe knowing I won't pull some stupid shit on you).


Franz could probably be categorized in the hunter, scholar or explorer categories, given he's done mercenary work and if there's some rich person paying for something or if he's handling a leve or something, there's be an easy hook for something out in the field like murdering some hunt mob IC or going into a dungeon to gather artifacts or to just explore it.


I'll admit to not having done many IC dungeons, so the concept is a little intimidating. (Like, do we prepare things beforehand to find? Are we unsyncing to plow through all the monsters and then walking around? Or are we purposely wearing lower-grade gear or using minimal level sync to make it feel really difficult? Does someone DM it?)


I can handle slow responses. (Because I'm probably worse and am trying to work on it). And you say after 8PM PST. What times are you typically online/active? I'm PST timezone, but usually pass out for sleep between 10-11, which could limit scenes possibly. Although I suppose if we're limited by the 90 minute dungeon timer, that would not be an issue then.

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