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House Haillenarte


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With the posting of this profile - correct spelling and all - I can no longer hide behind the excuse of development. House Haillenarte Free Company is officially open for business. While not yet a Level 8 Free Company, we're making swift progress and it's simply a matter of time. In the meantime we're enjoying our initial plot, and intermingling with other Role-Players across Balmung. We hope to see you out there, and aim to enhance your experience!


Any and all interested parties may contact me via PM on the forums, reply here, or contact Maddox Gyr In-Game.

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House Haillenarte FC is currently recruiting for players in all timezones with ties to the Haillenarte family. We are specifically in need of players who are generally in game between 6am and 3am EST but we do have a couple of EU players who would love some company.


If you have any questions feel free to leave them here or pm me. You may also reach out to Candor, our FC leader, or our other officer, Claroise Marot.


Addendum: We are also interested in forming connections with other Ishgardian FCs and individuals, including but not limited to those serving the other three noble houses.

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As of now House Haillenarte FC is now allied with Nutkin's Chosen FC. While not active RPers, Nutkin's Chosen is a close knit bunch of experts on the gameplay of FFXIV, in addition to being exceedingly friendly and helpful. Together we assist one another where the other lacks - RP and game support, and vice versa - to create a more engaging and inclusive experience for everyone.


We've also begun working with Yazi (Flavie Filoumonte), whose information can be found here. Yazi is an active RPer and story teller, and together Hail FC and she will be working to create stories for Ishgard-centric RPers across the various social arenas.


Finally, we now have an active Discord channel. Like our website, the channel will maintain an open door policy, so that anyone wishing to stay in touch and participate with our growing group can easily do so. We're eager, we're friendly, and we're looking forward to RPing and playing with you.

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If your character is a Sky Pirate brigand that often gets involved with the crime u pat the Sea of Clouds (House Haillenarte's territory), would you guys be interested in having a crew of pirates being rivals to your FC or used in plots and storylines for potential events?

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Just a word of caution from an outsider... be very careful with running a player-governed group which is intended to be representative of a group which is already governed by NPCs. Since House Haillenarte is a part of the canon setting, there are undoubtedly going to be players who will make claim that their character is a part of that house or has had dealings with that house as a part of their backstory or ongoing plot activities, and you won't be able to tell them they can't do that since it's ultimately an NPC led organization which exists as a part of the overall setting for all players.


This also means that, if done well, you're bound by only what has been written in the canon for the house, and have no means of being able to adjust/expand that house's influence, territory, etc, or write up any policies for the house which aren't supportable by the words or deeds of NPCs in that house, since it opens the door to conflict between players if someone says "But my take on House Haillenarte is that they'd do X" and meanwhile you've been claiming they're like Y.


It's a timeless problem - I saw it constantly in SWTOR with players who were trying to play the role of members of the Jedi Council, for example. There were a lot of situations where they would "decide" as a member of the Council how a thing was going to be, but then other players in the community reply, "But wait, we don't agree as players that you have the right as another player to tell us what to do, and we feel like the things you're claiming as a part of the Jedi Council aren't reasonable given our interpretation of what the Council is like and what they would or would not do."


It's reason #1 why original concepts are always best - nobody can debate whether your own original concept idea is correct to canon or not, because it's non-canon to begin with. :3

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