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Lost Years


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So I figured that it might be helpful for everyone who didn't take the time skip to post here with some basic info on what their characters are doing over the 5 years so that, for planning purposes, finding people to RP with over the 5 years will be easier or something. Granted, these can just be basic notes and don't even have to be finalized, I doubt anyone has a clear plan for the 5 years as of right now anyway, and if you want to avoid spoilers you can just list the location or something. Actually listing locations will probably just be easier.


Gerik - (Year 3-4 is tentative)

Year 1: Limsa -> Gridania

Year 2: Gridania/Black Shroud

Year 3: Black Shroud?

Year 4: Thanalan? -> La Noscea?

Year 5: Limsa

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Hrm. Rhostel? Roooouuuuughly....


1 - Ul'dah (father slowly dying/contributing to reconstruction)

2 - Black Shroud <-> Ala Mhigo (supplying/aiding resistance)

3 - Coerthas (training with Dragoons)

4 - Limsa (training with Marauders Guild)

5 - Everywhere <-> Limsa (lore-hunting at behest of Arcanists Guild)


This was a good exercise, actually. Now I have a plot, where before I had only a general notion of how I wanted her personality to shift.


Also, I had to include spoilers, because this is the only place I could write them down at the moment that I would still think to find them in the future. And it's not like anyone but me has any investment in her yet anyway.

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For Kylin:


1 -- Felstar Island retreat (briefly), then Ul'dah inn room for the remainder of the cycle.

2 -- Ul'dah

3 -- Ul'dah

4 -- lolUl'dah

5 -- Ul'hah


Yeah...he's not really going to move around much at all, aside from some minor traveling while overseeing some family excavation projects.


For Elza:


1 -- Primarily at sea in the Scarlet Siren ship.

2 -- Gridania, at her cabin.

3 -- Ul'dah/Gridania

4 -- Ul'dah

5 -- Ul'dah

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Let's see...I guess spoilers, but this is all going to be hard to RP-- though I'm definitely open to it! Of course any bit or all of this may change depending on what will actually happen to Eorzea.


0 - Molt attends the battle of the flats, partly to search for someone, or anyone he may know but mostly on a last ditch effort to prove something to himself and make something of his life-- or last remaining moments of his life. Shortly after the key dropped to the earth is when Molt decided..."nah, eff this es", and G'd up. This is where he obtains a chocobo, and tries to gtfo as fast as possible, relying on Bahamut to take his time flying around (such as his flight of Limsa-- pretty far away). This is not to say there are not any instances of a bucking Chocobo or injuries, but it's general enough for a start.


1 - Molt retreats to a cave in Thanalan, Thal's Respite? Leaves the cave for the first time a week later, but stays holed up in the cave for about a month, venturing out little by little for food. Eventually he returns to Ul'Dah, attempting to reclaim anything he once had in a rented inn room. Noting such destruction, he makes his way to Gridania. Seeing the destruction here, he gives up-- surely Limsa is no better off. The third or fourth month of the year he visit the impact site. While there, he takes weapons and armor-- and anything else of value laying around-- to eventually sell them (if it's possible to visit, much less reclaim anything). Possibly a mysterious mark forms on one or both of his arms. Hides goods and surveys Ul'Dah


2 - Makes a pilgrimage. He starts in the plains east of Gridania, near Ala Mhigo, to a location that was leveled some time ago. He spends weeks excavating the site, finding a necklace, presumably his mothers, while camping out or staying a few nights in Ala Mhigo (assuming it's not destroyed). Takes his pilgrimage and travels the land, staying nowhere twice. He picks up anything worth selling on the way, stopping sometimes to visit the flora to stock up on ingredients; regents and such.


3 - Finishing his journey, he returns to Ul'Dahl to check the progress. There's not much, so focusing on crafting/doctoring biz during the day, he also trains at night. This is probably the time when the Garleans will be sending out more than scouting parties, so it's also a time to start selling his supplies.


4 - Possibly back and forth between Ul'Dah and the Black Shroud/Gridania. He focuses on training, picking up some Black Magic, refines White Magic, and hones his combat with use of a dagger, his fists, and a pole arm, possibly swords. If he did not gain the mysterious mark in Year 1, then he instead gets a tattoo, for the hell of it-- he himself is changing from what he once used to be, after all.


5 - He hones in on his training. By now, he should have picked up the basics and even advanced skills of a sword and armor smith, since having to sell them requires knowledge, use and practice in the art. His Alchemy should be maxed out, and healing techniques should be comfortable. If he gained the mysterious mark, his black magic training should be more focused on the Umbral/Void/Shadow magicks. This isn't his everyday thing, the magic is just used in his combat skills. Place of residency in ARR is unknown.


There's so many variables still unknown. Will that cave that Molt used to hide out be in ARR? Where will Bahamut be? What will be the total city devastation? What will be left of the battlefield under Meteor? Whose forces will be in that battlefield, and how long will it take them to go there? How are people going to react in those five years and how will they adjust?


I wonder, too, what will we get to do to our existing characters when ARR launches-- Rename? Reassign cosmetic changes and deity? Nameday? What about citizenship? I often wonder what would happen if I simply remade Molt, so I can enjoy his two classes over again, and start fresh. I also wonder the cost of having alts-- because at the old price, I was paying I think $16-19 to have 4 characters-- because I want to enjoy all the classes, I don't like picturing Molt in all of them.

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Ha! Ok I have some stuff.


@ Rhostel: Hey, I already talked to you in skype chat, but I mentioned we could do Black Shroud area in year 2, and Limsa in year 5! We can chat about details in skype whenever~


@ Kylin: Elzaaaa could maybe have an awkward meeting with Gerik, but I'm a little hesitant because if she told him that Kylin is still alive it would mess up my plans kinda ._. Sorry!


@Kerr: We already talked, Gerik and Kerr are going to have hot gay anal sex a fun time!


@ Moltove: Maybe Molt and Gerik might run into each other really quick in year 2 or something?

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1 -- Stayed home in Gridania taking care of sick father

2 -- Begins taking over the administrative side of The Westward Map Company

3 -- Learns cartography / Marries assistant, Kimiji

4 -- Work and adjusting to married life. Tadir learns of the less legitimate side of the family business. Kimi starts teaching Tadir how to fight...slowly and painfully...it's not going well.

5 -- Makes the decision to set out to update the WMC's maps to the new geographical state. Begins making preparations for the trip. Tadir and Kimiji will be setting out on their journey as the new game goes live. The fighting training is still going extremely poorly.

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I assume "time skip" refers to the years that the heroes were magicked over after the End of an Era video. Where can I find out what happens during this time?

We don't know for certain yet what happens in between, but the world in ARR seems to have recovered albeit with changes, after only 5 years. Logical extrapolation from there is that there were people left behind away from the battlefield who helped rebuild.


Besides, there needs to be a population that new player characters come from, right?

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We don't know for certain yet what happens in between, but the world in ARR seems to have recovered albeit with changes, after only 5 years. Logical extrapolation from there is that there were people left behind away from the battlefield who helped rebuild.


Besides, there needs to be a population that new player characters come from, right?


Oh yes, I assumed as much. In fact, the assumption that some are left behind is part of the character concept I've got chugging away in my mind.

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After things settled down Uriah ventured out of his hiding place in the twelveswood and found his way to what was left of Gridania. He was taken aback by all the damage and destruction he has seen in the area, and decided he would spend the entirety of the five years living in Gridania and helping them rebuild from the disaster. He hasn't journeyed out of the woods in all this time, but has been listening to any news on what was going on in other parts. He has been keeping journals of what he has seen throughout the rebuilding efforts and the people he met along the way. Because of these efforts he was given appreciation and good standing with the folk in town.


Aside from the rebuilding efforts, he spent a lot of time alone honing his survival skills and talking to the woods. Part of his personal journal efforts were in categorizing the different beasts seen roaming the land. Putting away his staff and sword, Uriah spent these last five years working on his gathering crafts and developed a strong bond with nature. He emerges after five years, a little older and a little wiser. After some preparations have been made, Uriah once again prepares to set fourth and see how things are progressing in the other areas.

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Whee! So. I posted up my pre-impact madness. Well, the first part of it. In that spirit here is my rough timeline of stuff for Yssen's lost years. All of this is flexible, but there are flash points. All of this is preferably rp'd out in some fashion. Enough talk. Action! What follows are rough locations and the flashpoints for each year. RP in each year is completely open, it does not have to have really anything to do with what Yssen is doing. Of course, if it does that adds depth, and I do like depth.


Year 1 - Ul'dah and the Thanalan area. His time will mostly be spent helping refugees and establishing a hidden base thing. Yay hidden base things! If only he had vast experience with caves. ;p


He will be continuing his plot to raid and bandit stuff for materials and treasures using bandit proxies. This will also mark the start of him plotting on how to wedge his way further into the underworld. He will also begin Hope's training, for... things. Things! Mysterious things!


Year 2 - He begins the expansion of his operations to the areas around and in Gridania and Limsa. Moar raiding with proxies for fun and profit! He will also look to establish storage houses and regular clients for his maguffins. He continues to train Hope, and this is the year he starts wearing and eyepatch for... reasons. Reasons! Mysterious reasons!


Year 3 - More of the same. Slowly expanding, but now actually having to take actions to defend his niche of the underworld. He will have set up drops/points of contact at this point. He will also be acting to continue sticking it to Monetarists. Depending on RP he may have staff. Hope will continue to be trained, and probably be put into the field at the end of the year.


Year 4 - More of the same, expansion, defense of niche. He begins creating a structure and modus operandi that can be completely mobile with no central base of operations/depot. Even operating without a central leader. Continues to train Hope and send her into the field. It is now likely that Hope is the primary point of contact for people, even if an individual already knows Yssen pretty well. He withdraws more and more for some reason. It should be noted that for some reason Hope takes the last name Van at this point. I'd be spoilery, but it will be more fun to see what your sick (or analytical) minds come up with as to why this is.


Year 5 - The blackmarket stuff is probably pretty stable by this point. Stable enough that most problems are pretty routine in nature. Yssen has begun to concern himself the exchange of informations as well as less than legal/ill gotten materials (magitek and stacks of cobalt ingots falling off carts, oh my!). Yssen is very withdrawn by now. Rumors probably circulate that there is no Yssen Van. Maybe there never was, post-impact at least. The name at this point will probably be thought of as more a title or some strange piece of circulated underworld myth. Some people will know better, but that really all depends on how stuff pans out.


That is really all in a nutshell. Udly for the beginning, then well likely most anywhere after year two. All things are flexible and nothing is set in stone. I look forward to interactions making things a bit more set down than theoretical. Yar.


- Yssen

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