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Ishgardian Roegadyn

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So I'm arranging all the details of my alt Thundering Castle and just want to ask a question of accuracy.


Cass was a bodyguard for a noble house of Ishgard before it was dissolved. Her entire backstory and demeanor pretty much rely entirely on this fact. I assumed that due to the location of Abalathia's Spine in relation to Ishgard, a Hellsguard Roegadyn could have concievably travelled to the Holy See in order to find work.


However, I have noticed a very real lack of Roegadyn among the NPC's of the area, and less femRoes besides. I also had to consider exactly how a character like Cass would even be within the city walls, let alone found to be worthy of being hired by a noble house.


Am I overthinking this? Is there some precedent of a Roegadyn being allowed within Ishgard's walls and being as close to the higher stations?

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We have lore that lalafells were never really seen in Ishgard, someone asked the question on the AMA with Koji Fox coming up. Personally I wouldn't go a roe from Ishgard until we know more. But that's my two cents!


There may have been some NPCs of the other races in 1.0 but the Twelve beat me, for I don't know what races they were again, or if they weren't retconned.


Crossing my fingers to see that lore question answered.

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Am I overthinking this? Is there some precedent of a Roegadyn being allowed within Ishgard's walls and being as close to the higher stations?


A hearty hail to you' date=' adventurer. I am Dyrstweitz, son of Dyrstweitz. I serve House Dzemael, as did my father and his father before him. Like them, I have sworn a solemn oath to protect the count's lands and holdings from any and all that would do them harm. Originally designed to provide protection against air and land attacks from the Wyrmking's horde, construction on the Darkhold began several generations ago when Count Dzemael, fifty-third of his line and lord of House Dzemael - greatest of the four high houses of Ishgard - discovered a hidden network of caves while foxing near the Nail.[/quote']


Sometimes I question if opening the Flying Shark was the right decision. But if I wasn't bowing and scraping to some pretentious Ul'dahn mechant, I reckon I'd be doing the same to Count Dzemael. That may have suited my father and grandfather, but I've aspirations for a better life.


House Dzemael and House Durendaire are considered the most reluctant High Houses to accept outsiders, but even they have examples of non-traditional races within their ranks as you can see above. If Dzemael employs Roegadyn families, I don't see why the other Houses wouldn't as well, especially considering Fortemps and Haillenarte are much more open to 'outsiders' and 'sellswords.'


..."Houses Fortemps and Haillenarte hereby formally advise that all restrictions on employing foreign sellswords be-" Hmph. These are naught more than the ill-conceived notions of a hopeless romantic and a naive lordling.


House Fortemps also employs a mercenary group called Oschon's Raiders, captained by a Highlander with a Roegadyn under his command. The Knights of Fortemps look favorably upon these characters, despite their differences:


Indeed' date=' the count has but recently seen fit to hire foreign sellswords for their experience and knowledge of other lands. You are to work with Oschon's Raiders, one such company under our banner. Their captain, Haimirich, can be found between jobs at the Forgotten Knight. No doubt he is enjoying the excellent ale. Whatever his profession, I do think Haimirich a man of honor. I have even joined him for a cup at the Forgotten Knight.[/quote']



In short, Roegadyn in Ishgard are likely rare, but not unheard of and are canon to both 1.0 and 2.0's lore. Hope this helps! ^^

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